Teach me to be humble,
Teach me to love even my enemies,
Teach me of your compassion and forgiveness,
Teach me of your ways and thoughts,
Teach me how to have strength to move on when the past keeps dragging me backwards,
Teach me how forgiveness heals one’s heart,
Teach me how to believe in myself when everyone else has lost faith in me,
Teach me how to see the light that is within me in my own darkest world,
Teach me how to walk with confidence and smile in the midst of my daily challenges,
Teach me the revelation of who I am in this world that you placed me into,
Teach me to look deep into the mirror and see the image of You,

Oh Lord Jesus Christ,
Hear my cry and teach me,
I tried to stand up myself but fear made me fail,
How do I find strength in the days of evil?
How do I fight the battles in my life and win against all odds?
Teach me, my Maker,
Please be my teacher