Hello FunDza
You warmly welcomed me with great fun
That made me your great fan
Thus I say I will never let you down
I salute you, my love FUNDZA
All honour deserves you
As you are not a segregating regime
That goes for colour or race
But helping writers is your theme
Receive my honours FUNDZA
Born full of wise management
Tirelessly you manage our staff
With all your dedicated staff
It will be a blue lie
Perhaps being unwise and unfair
If I fail to acknowledge your existence
That has conquered many.
You have penetrated deep in my vein
You work without any gain
You have many to teach
Course freely taken online
You are really a hero FUNDZA
You never demand something
Freedom of writing is what exists in you
Each year I encounter unstoppable competitions
Giving more experience and knowledge to writers
I have learnt a lot from you
And I still have a lot to learn
I was like a baby then
But I now walk alone because of you.
Yes, hello to Zimkhitha Mlanzeli
Tell all the board members
That with a great honour I salute
Because their efforts have helped me a lot