I’m in the place mixed with every different race
My biggest task I have is to chase my dreams
By using a grinder?
I’ll plant all the wires
Each comprising roots, for my life is a tree that needs to grow.
God’s the reason I have a smile on my face
while I spill fuel on microphones and light it to start a huge fire of words that rushes out the loud speakers to fill the space,
I’m a son of a preacher, each teacher in my life has got ways to make my thoughts richer
by going to church and listening to the bible scripture.
What’s my game fixture?
Being lazy at home versus today I got to go to work play against the floor mopping as a cleaner?

Your room got blinder but it got a little dimmer
The devil came to visit he heard from Jesus you’re a believer
He who’s in heaven can never be bought by gold nor silver.

At home you’ll find me alone with my headphones.
As long as I can hear the beat I just want to shut my eyes closed
Picturing myself in a place that nobody knows,
Where I’m a star at shows, successful in the path I chose.

You can never interfere when a man is in a meeting with inspiration and imagination.