My dreams ain’t out of reach,
They’re not far away,
They stand by my door step wondering every time I pass by if it’s blindness I’m suffering from or just ignorance.
My dreams ain’t out of reach,
They walk all day long with me shouting, “Open your eyes black child and embrace what is given to you! Why search for something that is already in your possession?”
Time and chance wonder how long is it gonna take me to come to my senses and grab with both hands those opportunities presented to me.
My dreams ain’t out of reach,
My goals patiently wait for me to speak the word, to command them and they shall unfold,
“What are you waiting for?”the edges of my dreams ask with irritation,
“Success awaits you, prosperity longs for you, it is time you wake up from that sleep and start building, for tools and equipment are given to you.”
My dreams ain’t far away,
They live with me, they are in my hands,
Waiting for me to bring them to life.