The true beloved son of the soil
The father nation of my African roots
You are the brave man amongst men
You were never born for yourself but for the nation.

You realised our minds were under oppression
Boys were forced to leave their motherland to be soldiers,
The survival of the fittest, the weak killed in cold blood.
Our people were treated like animals in the bushes.

Where was Ubuntu during the older days?
The birds had nests for shelter and for sleep,
Mice had holes to hide during the tough times
Unfortunately, African blood, where can you hide yourself?

Black people were discriminated against in the land of their forefathers.
Guns were used to take your life away, my African child,
Blood was flowing like a perennial river, human blood.
Our fathers were garden boys and our mothers were kitchen girls.

Tata you sacrificed your happiness for the sake of the people.
You faced twenty-seven years in prison fighting for human rights.
Through thick and thin, you never changed your mind during negotiations.
You deserve to be called the South African King Madiba.

When the African world heard you were a free man, the loud noises rose.
The comrades were singing, people were free from slavery
The guilty conscience beat those who treated us unfairly.
Men and women and their children were raising their weapons for revenge.

After the first speech that you give to the people, you healed our broken souls.
Forgiveness made in south Africa, forgive and forget the pain.
With peace we threw our weapons instead of starting a war,
No one ever will have a kindness heart like you, Tata Madiba.

Today we are sitting down and having dinner with our white brothers and sisters.
Today I call my black colour beautiful and I am proud of my skin.
I can marry any colour I want because of you the Legend of South Africa
We all have equal rights, I can help myself in every toilet I want.

The history must be taught to the next generation to know our roots.
When the world heard that you joined the Madiba ancestors, we cried a lot.
Tata we will always remember you when the sun rises and the sun sets.
The history you made is remarkable forever and ever father of the nation.