Xoli: (sighs) And what is that you wanted to tell me?

Lizzy: (smiles) Nothing happened yesterday.

Xoli: (laughs) You are kidding, right?

Lizzy: I’m not. Nothing happened. That guy is so sweet. We were just chilling, and we talked for hours. Nothing happened.

Xoli: I want to believe you, but no, how come? He is one of our best clients. How could he refuse to smash?

Lizzy: Look, these are his numbers. He said I can call him anytime.

Xoli: Call him? For what exactly?

Lizzy: To save me.

Xoli: (laughs out loud) I am out of here, and you believed him? Oh, clearly you still have a lot to learn dear.

Lizzy: Lend me your phone. We will call him and prove that he truly cares about me.

Xoli: (shakes her head) You meet a person for 2 minutes and you think he cares for you. The fact that he is cheating, busy with prostitutes, should tell you that this man is heartless and a bastard. Have you, for a second, thought that he is working with Siphokazi to teach you a lesson?

Lizzy: Do you want to give me the damn phone or not?

[Xoli throws the phone to Lizzy)

Lizzy: Thanks. (dials Client 1’s numbers) He is not answering.

Xoli: (rolls her eyes) See! Give me my phone back.

[Later that evening in the dining room, the house mates are having supper.]

Siphokazi: I am so happy that my business is doing great and all of you are so cooperative. I would also like to thank the mentors for doing such a great job in making sure our girls look beautiful and follow the rules. As you all know, we have a new member. Please be patient with her. She will be good in no time, but I can tell she has so much potential. My client can’t stop praising her. He says he is coming for more (smiles). No, in fact, he says I should save her for him, only him and you know what that means? More money!

Mate 1: So, boss, many girls left the country last week to supply drugs, and in the house, there are few girls to service the clients. So many clients are complaining. I was thinking that we should use this new-comer since there are not enough girls, and clients want new faces.

Siphokazi: No. That is one of my best clients. I can’t double cross him. Lizzy is reserved for him only. He is loaded and pays good cash.

Mate 1: So, do you have a better idea?

Siphokazi: Tomorrow we go hunting. We hunt for girls, those innocent looking girls. Our first stop will be at colleges. Those girls are desperate. We take those with no weaves, lipsticks and make-up, because that clearly shows that they can’t afford to buy them. Xoli, are you coming with us?

Xoli: No, I will keep an eye on Lizzy.

Siphokazi: That’s fine.

[The next day Siphokazi arrives with 5 girls in the house]

Siphokazi: Lizzy, Xoli, quickly, come girls.

Xoli: We’re coming.

Lizzy: Hey, why is she calling us?

Xoli: I want no drama, OK? You will listen to whatever Siphokazi says, and don’t forget to smile.

Lizzy: (frowns) OK.

Siphokazi: Come, ladies. Let me introduce you to these wonderful ladies. I have employed these ladies to help me out in the house. Please show them what they need to do.

Xoli: Hey, ladies, you all good?

[The girls nod their heads with a smile]

Siphokazi: I will send you back to campus when you’re done cleaning the house. I am going out now. I will be back later. Xoli, come here. Let me have a word with you.

Xoli: Boss.

Siphokazi: You know what you have to do, right? Just make sure Lizzy does not ruin our plans, OK?

Xoli: Do I drug them?

Siphokazi: That will not be necessary. Just tell them I am still coming. I will arrive back here with the rest of the house mates around 01:00 midnight. Just make sure you hide their cell phones. If they cause a scene, let me know, I will tell the guards to deal with them.

Xoli: Boss this is too much work. Plus, I still have to keep an eye on Lizzy. What if Lizzy messes our plans?

Siphokazi: You’re wasting my time. I don’t care how you manage, but when I come back, I want to find the girls here.

Xoli: OK.


Tell us what you think: What do you think will happen now that Siphokazi is out?