[The girls are busy cleaning the house while Lizzy is chatting with them]

Lizzy: So how is college? Is it fun?

[They all laugh]

Girl 1: Fun? Nothing is fun. All we have to do is work, work and work.

Girl 2: Attend lectures, do assignments and exams.

Girl 3: That is nothing. We sometimes go to sleep on an empty stomach, and sometimes, we study on empty stomachs. You can imagine how painful that is. So, when Sis’ Siphokazi offered us a job to clean her house, we were so excited.

Girl 4: With the money we will get, we will do our hair and buy our groceries to last us for the month.

[Lizzy looks at Xoli and they both shake their heads]

Girl 1: We are almost done. Where is Sis’ Siphokazi? She said she will send us back to campus when she comes back.

Xoli: Oh, she is a very busy woman. She has a few businesses to run. I will call her and find out how far she is with her work.

Lizzy: Yeah, sometimes she leaves the office around 22:00. She is an independent woman.

Xoli: Can we make you guys anything to eat?

Girl 1: No, this is not right. I have an assignment due tomorrow, and I wanted to finish it off tonight.

Girl 3: Stop with this drama. Let’s enjoy ourselves for once.

Girl 1: I don’t want to forget why I came here. I came here to study to make my dreams a reality.

Lizzy: (tears running down her cheeks)

Girl 1: Hey, Lizzy, what’s wrong? Did I say something wrong to upset you?

Lizzy: I am just emotional. I remember my school years.

Xoli: (fakes a smile) Yeah, she had to drop out from college last year, right, Lizzy?

Lizzy: (wipes her tears) Yes.

Girl 2: Shame, what happened? Fees?

Lizzy: Yes.

Xoli: No, I mean, um, our sister has lots of money. She can afford fees. Lizzy was… was… um, a slow learner. (mumbles) Yes, a slow learner.

Lizzy: I didn’t like the courses I was doing, so I dropped out.

Girl 5: It must be nice having a rich sister, neh?

Lizzy: She is evil that one, cruel and a heartless human being.

Xoli: (shocked) Don’t mind what Lizzy says. She is actually a good person.

Lizzy: The food is ready.

Girl 1: Guys, let’s eat fast it’s already past 8:00, and I think Siphokazi is on her way.

Xoli: Are you guys friends?

Girl 1: Yes, we met here at college.

Xoli: I called Siphokazi. She is coming. She said she will be here in an hour or so. You guys will help us with dishes, right?

[They all laugh]

Girl 2: Of course.

[Xoli’s phone rings and she answers it]

Xoli: Hello.

Client 1: Hello. Who am I speaking to?

Xoli: Sorry, who were you calling?

Client 1: I got a missed call yesterday from this number.

Xoli: Oh damn, Lizzy, this is for you.

Lizzy: Hello. It’s me, Lizzy. You said I should call you when I want to escape from this house. Please tell me you will help me get out of this house.

Client 1: Hey, slow down, whose phone is this?

Lizzy: It’s my mentor’s phone. She is also willing to help me escape, but we are still trying to gain Siphokazi’s trust.

Client 1: Good, I will see you tomorrow OK?

Girl 1: What the hell is going on here?

Lizzy: Huh?

Girl 1: Why do you want to escape? Why do you want to be saved? Saved from what? Xoli is your mentor? You guys are not sisters? Can someone tell me what is going on here? Xoli answer me please.

[Xoli and Lizzy look down. The house mates enter the house and go straight to the kitchen where the girls are]

Siphokazi: We are back, missed us?

Girl 2: We really have to go now. It’s already late.

Siphokazi: What’s the rush, girls?

Girl 1: We have assignments to do that are due tomorrow.

Siphokazi: Didn’t these two beautiful girls tell you that this is your new home? Didn’t they?

Girl 5: New home? We do have a place to stay. If you’re not going to accompany us, let us know. We will catch a taxi.

Siphokazi: Oh, a taxi? This time? Show them their rooms. Xoli and Lizzy, you guys did a good job.

Girl 1: (shocked) What? You guys sold us out. You pretended to care about us, busy asking us questions just to push time.

Lizzy: (sobs) I am sorry, guys. I didn’t want to do this. I was forced. I am also kidnapped. I am like you.

Siphokazi: Shut up, Lizzy, and go to your room. Girls, this is your new home so you better forget about your stupid assignments, because tomorrow, you will be doing a real job, not cleaning. Are we clear?

[The girls cry and beg to be released, but they are dragged to a room and drugged.]


Tell us: What do you think will happen next?