[Later that day Siphokazi is chatting with the client]

Client 1: You’re the best in the industry. Where do you get pure girls? Phela, nowadays, it’s a struggle to find a virgin.

Siphokazi: (laughs) I am not revealing my secret to you. The next thing I know, my business will be dead.

Client 1: (smiles) You’re right. We will go straight where you get them and never set our foot here again. Can I see her? Is she ready?

Siphokazi: My girls are forever ready, but you know the new ones. They can be nauseous.

[They walk into Lizzy’s room]

Siphokazi: Lizzy, take care of our client. (she closes the door and leaves)

Client 1: You are so gorgeous. I am not going to hurt you OK.

Lizzy: Does your wife and children know you are here? That you are busy sexually abusing innocent, young girls? How would you feel if your daughter was in my shoes? How would you feel? I am asking!

Client 1: Shut up. I paid to be with you. You will give me what I paid for. I don’t like your attitude. You will give me what I want, or I will force myself on you. Do you want that?

Lizzy: You are so disgusting. I feel sorry for your family. They probably think you are a good man, but they don’t know that you are just as evil as Pharaoh.

Client 1: Don’t you dare talk to me like that.

Lizzy: My virginity will be lost to you. I hope that makes you feel superior. Your daughter will lose her virginity to the love of her life, her first boyfriend, while I will lose mine to a stranger. A stranger I don’t love and a stranger old enough to be my father. But it’s OK, that’s the story of our lives thina esihluphekayo.

Client 1: (looks down) Hey listen, give me your number. We will figure something out, but know that just because I didn’t break your virginity, it does not mean others will not jump to such opportunity.

Lizzy: Your wife doesn’t satisfy you. That is why you’re buying from prostitutes? Are you not scared of diseases? What about your dignity? You really look like a respectful man, but what you do behind closed doors is pure evil and disgusting. What you do does not suit you.

Client 1: Leave my wife out of this. I said give me your numbers.

Lizzy: I don’t have a phone.

Client 1: Here are my numbers. Hide them. Me and you will act as if we did it. I want you to fake tears. I have never done this before. I mean helping the girls escape, but I think it is best to change my ways and be a good member in society. We are the ones who are killing our society with our large sums of money, because we know money can buy anything.

Lizzy: (She takes his numbers) But definitely not love…

Client 1: Do you want me to help you or not?

Lizzy: (hugs him) I want you to. Thank you so much.

Client 1: Do you have more clients tonight?

Lizzy: (looks down) Yes.

Client 1: All will be well. Just give me time to save you.

[The following day in Lizzy’s room]

Xoli: You did a wonderful job yesterday. That was just your first step of getting out of here. Siphokazi is still shocked that you managed to pull yourself together. She is really impressed. Soon, you will be in her good books.

Lizzy: Does it even matter? The fact is, I lost my virginity to a stranger (cries). I hate myself for agreeing to come to this stupid place. My mother thinks I am working, kanti, I am busy with this nonsense.

Xoli: Listen to me, we will get through this together. I promise.

Lizzy: (whispers) I need to tell you something. Promise me you will never tell any of your friends in the house.

[Siphokazi enters.]

Siphokazi: And now, what is this whispering all about girls?

Xoli: Nothing, boss, you know, she is still a little bitter about yesterday.

Siphokazi: (laughs) Bitter? She is not bitter this one. My client was very impressed by her performance. He still finds it hard to believe that Lizzy is actually pure. The moves, oh the girl got the moves. You, you are going to take this business to the next level. Great performance, so I have a surprise for you, me and you are going out to a mall. Remember the tour I told you about? It’s finally happening.

Lizzy: I don’t want to go with you.

Siphokazi: Take it or leave it. It’s still early days to allow you to go with your mentor. It’s either me or no mall, your choice. And just know, if you refuse to go with me tomorrow, I will have no choice but to invite a client over. Remember Steve? The client that could not make it yesterday night? I can organise a meeting for the two of you to finally meet.

Lizzy: I will stay. Can you please excuse us? We were in the middle of something.

Siphokazi: Oh, I disturbed you. Xoli, you are doing a great job teaching this girl how we operate here.

[Winks and walks away]


Tell us: Do you think Client 1 really wants to help Lizzy?