[At church]

Lucky: (surprised) Mr George why you are here without bringing my mum along?

George:I don’t know where to start telling you this.

Lucky: Telling me what?

George: Lucky my boy, your mum had an accident and she’s in a critical condition at Elsie Ballot hospital.

Lucky: (shocked) What? What did you just said?

George: I am so sorry my boy, I don’t know how and when it happened.

Lucky: (crying) Oh no, not this again. I don’t wanna lose my mother as I lost my father.

George: I thought we are going to get at the bottom of your father’s death without our enemies knowing.

Lucky: (crying) Do you think they got mum into this accident?

George: Yes son, it was… it was a hit and run accident.

Lucky: Oh no, these people mighty be after us.

George: That true but I don’t think they can get the two of us because I’ve asked my boys to look after our back.

Lucky: Mr George can I see my mum?

George: You want to see her?

Lucky: Yes I want to see her and tell her how much I love her.

George: OK, take your jacket and come along to see your mum.

Lucky: Thank you Mr George you are one of a kind. May God bless you.

George: Thank you Lucky, but honestly speaking I think I am the one who resulted your mum in this state by telling her that it is her husband that killed your father and drugged your grandmother.

Lucky: (shocked). What, mum is married to the guy who killed my father?

George: Yes, but she did not know; she was thinking that your father got a new girlfriend and he moved with you to her.

Lucky: You know what; this guy is going to feel my power.

George: Lucky, please don’t do something stupid when we find him at the hospital.

Lucky: I promise I won’t do something dense; I don’t want him to know that I’ m after him.
George: That’s my boy. I am going to help you get this guy behind the bars; where he belongs.

Lucky: No, he doesn’t belong behind bars but he belongs in hell; that’s where he should be.


[At the hospital.]

George and Lucky: Good evening Mr Jacobs.

Sham: Hey you son of a… didn’t I tell you to stay away from my wife?

George: I am sorry, Sir but I had to bring this boy here.

Lucky: You must be my step father, nice to meet you.

Sham: (shocked) Oh my God, it’s you, Lucky my son?

Lucky: I don’t mean to be rude sir but the truth is that I am not your son; I’ m your step son.

Sham: Yes, that is true.

Lucky: So Mr Jacobs how is my mum?

Sham: Lucky boy, your mum is in a very critical condition. I am still waiting for her doctor to go into detail.

Lucky: If I can get my hands on the person who’s behind this, I will make sure that he or she does not make a second round in life.

Sham: So do I, son.

Lucky: I am sorry again, Mr Jacobs, but please stop calling me your son.

George: It’s OK Lucky, it’s fine boy. Let Mr Sham call you his son.

Lucky: (shouting) But I am not his son, Mr George.

George: I know Lucky.

Doctor: Mr Jacobs can I speak to you in private, please?

Lucky: (shouting) I have the right to be available if your discussion with Mr Jacobs involves my mother.

Sham: Sorry Doctor, don’t mind the young man, here.

George: No Doctor, but honestly the young guy is correct.

Doctor: What do you mean, Sir and besides who are you?

George: It doesn’t matter who am I but the point here is that this little boy is Nomusa’s son and he deserve to know about his mum.

Doctor: I am sorry boy I didn’t know; by the way I think it won’t be bad if I disclose the information here.

Lucky: Yes we are all her family and her friends.

Doctor: OK, Mr Jacobs your wife is in a very critical condition and we are not sure if she will make it.

Lucky: What are you trying to say Doctor?

Doctor: My son, your mom is brain dead.

George: (shocked) Oh no, oh no man. Doctor, please say you are joking.

Lucky: What does it mean to be brain dead, Mr George?

George: It means that your mom’s brain is dead and she will never be able to think, hear or respond.

Lucky: (crying) Oh no, oh no please doctor. Help my mum, please.

Doctor: I am sorry my son there’s nothing much we can do. But if you believe in miracles then you can keep the life support machine on.

Sham: Doctor you have explained very well to us, and I don’t think we should keep the machine on.

Lucky: (shouting) You want to kill my mum, huh?

Sham: That is not true Lucky; I am doing what’s best for your mum.

Lucky: If you really loved my mum you would not switch off the machine.

Sham: Lucky, I am doing what’s best for her. She doesn’t deserve to feel this pain, please let her rest in peace.

Lucky: (shouting) don’t you dare tell me that you want my mum to rest in peace.

George: It’s OK Lucky my boy, since Mr Jacobs is not willing to listen. So doctor, how about you let Lucky see his mum to say his last words?

Lucky: Yes, I want to see my mum and I want to see her now.

Sham: Unfortunately my boy that is not gonna happen.

Doctor: I am sorry Mr Jacobs but he deserves to say good bye to her mom. Lucky come with me to see your mom.

Lucky: Thanks doctor.


[ICU Ward]

Lucky: (crying) Mom, I can’t believe that I am about to lose you permanently, like my dad. Why is all this happening to me in my early age? Please don’t leave me, please mummy don’t leave me. Mummy it’s like I am dreaming and soon I will wake up and discover that this was just a nightmare but it seems as if I am fooling myself. Mummy please don’t leave me. I am your son, remember?

[A nurse enters the room]

Nurse: My deep condolences to you and your family Lucky. But unfortunately your time to see your mum is over; we have to switch off the machine.

Lucky: (crying) Good bye mom. I will always love you and you will always be part of my life.