[In Sham’S office]

Glen: Sham, what are you trying to tell me?

Sham: Glen, I think my wife knows that I killed her first husband.

Glen: How and who told her? Only the two of us know about this thing?

Sham: I think it that George guy.

Glen: Who’s George?

Sham: It is Nomusa’s private investigator.

Glen: But you said you convinced her to drop investigation?

Sham: I thought so but it seems as if she was fooling me.

Glen: So what now, Sham?

Sham: She leaves me no choice, Glen.

Glen: So what do you suggest, Sham?

Sham: Glen, I want your boys to destroy the new will by breaking in Nomusa’s lawyer’s office.

Glen: That can be arranged immediately.

Sham: And one more thing, I want you to get rid of Nomusa permanently.

Glen: (shocked). You mean by killing her.

Sham: No, killing is a tough word. By taking her to her ancestors and her first husband.

Glen: Oh Sham, man. You want me to kill your wife?

Sham: Why not, Glen?

Glen: OK, I will get my boys to do both. So when do you want my boys to get rid of her?

Sham: I want both of these jobs done today.

Glen: OK, consider your wife dead.

Sham: Good, that’s why I like you; you know how to make me happy, unlike my so called wife.

Glen: But don’t you think that people will be suspicious?

Sham: Glen, I don’t give a damn about people. Understood?

Glen: OK, OK I will give you a call when the job is done.

Sham: I will be waiting for your call. Now take your little ass out of my office.

Glen: We’ll keep in touch, Boss.


[In George’s office]

Nomusa: So George, did you find something to use against Sham in court?

George: Not really, all the evidence I have right now is illegal and we cannot use it against Sham in court.

Nomusa: So what do we do now?

George: I think we should trap him and if he escapes the trap therefore we’ll have to frame him with drugs.

Nomusa: Wow, that’s a good idea.

George: Then when he’s already arrested we’ll get enough time to investigate him without him knowing that we are after him.

Nomusa: OK, so where to from here?

George: I just need you to ensure that he does not suspect anything; your job is to keep him blind.

Nomusa: Oh, that is the easiest thing ever.

George: Good, so let me handle the rest, as you know that I am a pro in this field.

Nomusa: Yes you are a pro indeed. By the way I’d rather leave now before Sham notices that I am not in my office.

George: OK, we’ll keep in touch, Madam CEO.


[In Sham’s office]

Sham: Mr Juke, I’ve called you to my office to tell you that I have found a good candidate to be your deputy in HR.

Juke: Sir, I don’t mean to be rude, but HR is my department, and I am the one who’s got authority to appoint my Deputy, not you. You are an Ad man and your duty is to advertise, not to promote or recruit any candidates. That’s my duty as Head of Human Resources.

Sham: My wife is a CEO in this company.

Juke: I know, and she’s the one who should be telling me what to do, not you, Sir.

Sham: Juke, you’d better watch your mouth before you find yourself sitting with your grandma and unemployed.

Juke: That’s not going to happen, Sir. You are the Head of the Marketing Department and I am the head of Human Resources.

Sham: Oh really? I am not sure about that, Juke.

[Juke is angry and he storms out of Sham’s office. Sham’s cellphone rings and he picks up.]

Sham: Sham is my name, what can I do for you?

Nurse: Mr Sham Jacobs? My name is Sister Connie from Elsie ballot hospital.

Sham: What can I do for you Connie?

Nurse: Mr Jacobs I am phoning to tell you that your wife had an accident; a hit and run.

Sham: (pretending to be shocked) What? My… my wife had an accident?

Nurse: Yes, Sir, she’s in a critical condition here at Elsie Ballot Hospital.

Sham: She’s still alive?

Nurse: Yes, she still alive.

Sham: OK, I am on my way; just promise me that you will save her life.

Nurse: Yes, Sir, our doctors are doing their best to save your wife’s life.

[Sham drops the call, picks up his office line and dials his secretary’s extension. He quickly puts it down before it rings. He stands by the desk and calls her, loudly.]

Sham: Metsi… Metsi!

Metsi: (entering in a hurry) Yes, Sir.

Sham: Tell everyone that my wife had a hit and run accident and she’s in a critical condition as we speak.

Metsi: (shocked). What? No, Sir, you are joking?

Sham: Metsi I said go and tell the staff not to question me, mxm.

Metsi: It OK, Sir, I will do as you say.

Sham: Good, for now I am off to hospital.

Metsi: OK, Sir.