[At the attorney’s offices.]

Nomusa: I am really sorry, Sir, to just come without phoning you first.

Attorney: No, no problem Madam, I’m your lawyer and you have the right to visit me at any time.

Nomusa: Thanks, Sir.

Attorney: So what can I do for my beloved client?

Nomusa: I need to change my will.

Attorney: Oh, that’s weird. Is everything OK, ma’am?

Nomusa: I found my son. I want him to take control of all my belongings when I die.

Attorney: Wow! That’s great, ma’am.

Nomusa: So, can we do it now?

Attorney: It’s fine, we can do it now. This is a camera, you know it. So you are going to watch the camera and tell it your will and testament.

Nomusa: OK, that’s great.

Attorney: On my mark, get set, ready and action.

Nomusa: (recording her will on camera) My name is Nomusa Ledger. I am thirty-eight years old and I want to change my previous beneficiary and appoint my son, Lucky Nzimande, to be my new beneficiary for all my belongings. Lucky my son, I know that this is a big step for you but my legacy is your legacy. I don’t want anyone else to take it from you; so I appoint you to take care of everything that is in my name. And to you my husband, Sham, I am leaving nothing in your name, as you do not deserve a cent from my legacy. Lucky my son, I love you and you are everything to me. Thank you.

Attorney: Done?

Nomusa: Yes, Done, Sir.

Attorney: OK. I will take this footage to our systems controler and then I will send you a copy first thing tomorrow.

Nomusa: Thank you, Sir.

Attorney: Congratulation regarding your son.

Nomusa: Thank you, Sir. And it’s nice doing business with you.

Attorney: Likewise, as always.

Nomusa: I better leave now, Mr Advocate, it’s late.


[Early in the morning, the next day. At Nomusa and Sham’s house]

Sham: Babe, where were you last night? I tried to phone you several times but your phone was putting me straight to your voicemail.

Nomusa: I am sorry my husband. I was with my cousin trying to make her understand why I did what I did to my grandma. And besides, I needed space away from this house.

Sham: I know it’s difficult, babe, but I think it’s for the best.

Nomusa: Ja, it’s for the best.

Sham: Babe, I think you should take leave until you heal this wound. For the mean time I will be your acting CEO.

Nomusa: No, no Sham. I am not leaving my company to anyone, not to you and not to anyone.

Sham: No babe, you are not leaving your company but you are taking a short, paid leave, until you get better.

Nomusa: Sham, I said no. Read my lips no, period.

Sham: Babe, I love you and I will make sure that no one touches your company while I’m acting CEO.

Nomusa: Sham, please don’t force me to do something that I don’t want to.

Sham: OK, OK love. I understand.

Nomusa: Good, now I need to shower so that I can go to my meetings.

Sham: It’s OK, babes.

[There is a knock at the door]

Nomusa: Who’s that? Let me go and open before I go to a shower.

Sham: No babes, go and shower I will sort him or her out.

Nomusa: OK Sham, I will see you when I finish my shower.

[Nomusa leaves the room and Sham goes to open the door]

Sham: (opens the door) Come in and how can I help you?

Messenger: Is this the house of Mrs Nomusa Ledger-Nzimande?

Sham: Yes, but in future you call my wife with my surname not Ledger or Nzimande, understood?

Messenger: I am sorry, Sir, so what is your surname?

Sham: It’s Jacobs; my name is Sham Jacobs, Nomusa’s husband.

Messenger: Nice to meet you Mr Jacobs. My name is Stan Vaal, a messenger from Kwaal Attorneys.

Sham: What can I do for you, Mr Messenger, in my house?

Messenger: Mr Chris, your wife’s lawyer, sent me here to deliver your wife’s new will and testament’s paper work.

Sham: (shocked) What, are you mad?

Messenger: No sir, she made it yesterday. Please sign on the dotted line to confirm that you got your wife’s file.

Sham: OK, (as he signs) done.

Messenger: Please, Sir, tell your wife that Mr Chris will send the copy the will video first thing tomorrow morning.

Sham: OK, you may leave now.

[Sham closes the door after the messenger leaves.]

Sham: Oh no, Nomusa has taken me out of her will, just like that? No, this can’t happen. Oh let me phone Glen.

[He dials Glen’s number, the phone rings]

Glen: (as he answer the phone) Hey my beloved friend, what can I do for you?

Sham: Glen, things are getting out of control. I need to see you now in my office immediately.

Glen: Are you OK, Sham?

Sham: No Glen, Nomusa is trying to cut me out of her legacy with immediate effect.

Glen: (surprised) No, you joking!

Sham: I am telling you, Glen. Please meet me in my office now.

Glen: Ok, I am on my way.