[At the Young Blood offices]

Sham: Ladies and gentlemen, it’s me again with bad news as always. Yesterday I asked Metsi to inform you about my wife’s hit and run accident. Today I am here to announce that my wife, Nomusa, is no longer with us.

Staff: (shocked) Oh no, no, no.

Sham: Yes, I am real sorry guys; my wife is no longer with us.

Metsi: We are really sorry Mr Jacobs.

Sham: Thank you guys for your support.
Juke: So Mr Jacobs, are you going to take leave? We are more than willing to help you by sharing your responsibilities and your late wife’s responsibilities.

Sham: No, I am not going to take a leave. I am not even sure if maybe I want to bury my wife.

Juke: You want to tell us that you are going to give your wife’s corpse to the government to bury her?

Sham: Something like that, Juke.

Juke: But don’t you think she deserve a proper funeral?

Sham: It’s not for you to decide, Juke. We did not hire you to interfere in my family issues.


[At George’s office]

Lucky: (crying) I don’t believe I just lost my mum.

George: Yeah, it’s weird Lucky. But you need to be strong for your mom’s sake.

Lucky: Yeah that’s true Mr George. But I wanna make sure that this guy pays for what he did to my family.

George: Oh, about that, Lucky. Your mum and I were about to frame him with drugs and illegal guns.

Lucky: It’s a good idea Mr George but I don’t want him to be jailed.

George: What are trying to say, Lucky?

Lucky: Mr George, die man killed my both parents and he also drugged my mum’s grandmother. Do you think he deserves just to be jailed?

George: Yeah, at least he will be paying for his sins. And besides, the country will be much better without him.

Lucky: My point exactly Mr George. I want this guy to feel each and every bit of pain he caused my family. And after that I want him to die a slow and painful death.

George: Lucky my boy, I know your pain. But you are still young; I don’t want you to be obsessed with this revenge thing.

Lucky: Mr George, how can you expect me not to be obsessed with revenge, after what this guy did to my family?

George: I know Lucky and for that matter you have the right to be obsessed, to bring him down, but what I’ m trying to say is that grudges are not healthy for your life.

Lucky: Sir, I’ve got nothing to live for because of this man.

George: No, you still have more to live for; such as your mom’s company and your future family.

Lucky: Yeah man, that’s true. My mom’s company needs me.

George: (laughing) You see what I’m talking about, boy?

Lucky: Mr George, I’ve got plans for this company.

George: What are your plans Lucky?

Lucky: I want to step in as CEO when I finish my exams next week. Can you find me a team that will assist me without people knowing about them?

George: Oh, I see, you want to take this company to the top of a mountain without people knowing that it’s not you who runs it and takes decisions in the company.

Lucky: Yes, I am doing this to boost my reputation and image.

George: Don’t worry; consider yourself a new CEO of Young Blood. As from now you get your mom’s shares.

Lucky: Thank you Mr George.

George: No, don’t thank me, thank yourself for being intelligent.

Lucky: (smiling) I will take that as a complement.

George: (laughing out loudly) Yeah, I don’t believe that I ever told a young boy that he’s more intelligent than me. Oh that is such an embarrassment.

Lucky: (laughing) Please stop playing with me, Sir.

George: Lucky, I am happy to see you smiling and laughing again.

Lucky: I just wonder what he is going to do with my mum’s corpse.

George: I don’t worry Lucky. Whatever he’ s going to do with it we are going to sabotage it without him knowing that he’s burying a casket full of bricks.

Lucky: (smiling) you mean we are going to bury my mom?

George: Yes, my point exactly, little boy.


[At Juke’s office]

Juke: Metsi, I told you that something was fishy here.

Metsi: What do you mean, Juke?

Juke: Metsi, a few days back this company lost a majority shareholder and within no time, we also lose a great CEO, also a majority shareholder. No trust me Metsi; Sham is behind this entire thing.

Metsi: I see Juke, but we have no choice but to shut our mouths before we lose our jobs.

Juke: I wonder who will step in as a new CEO now.

Metsi: Oh my God, I just wish it’s not Sham.

Juke: Who knows, Metsi? Only time will tell.

Metsi: Yeah that’s true.


[At George’s house]

George: Lucky you are not going to believe what I’ m about to tell you now.

Lucky: What?

George: My boys found the truth about your late mum’s grandmother.

Lucky: Mr George, I don’t want to hear anything that links to my grandmother. I just want her soul to rest in peace.

George: Lucky you have to hear this.

Lucky: Okay, what is it?

George: My boys found that your step father convinced your mom to poison her grandmother, so that they can own her shares officially and permanently.

Lucky: (shocked) Oh no, Mr George! You want to tell me that my mom agreed to kill her grandmother?

George: Yes she did agree to her husband but unfortunately she didn’t poison her. Instead she sent her to another psychiatric institution that is too far.

Lucky: (smiling) You want to tell me that she’s still alive?

George: Yes, she’s much better now and she’s cured.

Lucky: (excited) Oh my God, what good news! Mr George you just made my day.