(At Gloria’s house, she finds her son sitting in the TV room.)

Gloria: Someone woke up early today.

Thapelo: (Sigh) Yes.

Gloria: (Sits next to him) Can we talk?

Thapelo: You’re already talking to me, aren’t you?

Gloria: Look, I am not doing all of this to hurt you. (Pause) When your father passed on, I was left traumatised and broken. I told myself that I would never love again because your dad was the only man I ever knew. I never imagined life without him, but now he’s gone and it is time for me to start on a clean slate.

Thapelo: Forget about me, think of you. Your pride, your dignity and self-respect. I am tired of hearing people talking about you in every corner of the streets.

Gloria: People will always talk, and they will eventually get tired of it.

Thapelo: You are missing the point here, ma. You brought a total stranger into our lives. How well do you know this guy? Where’s he from, and does he have a family?

Gloria: He’s not a stranger. James and I have known each other for some months now and he’s pretty decent. You just have to give him a chance and you will definitely like him.

Thapelo: No, I wouldn’t gamble with my life that.

(Thapelo gets up from the couch and leaves the house)

(James walks in)

James: And, what was that about?

Gloria: Nothing to worry about me, excuse me. I’ve a laundry waiting for me.

(Gloria walks off)

(Early the next morning, Gloria goes to Thapelo’s room).

Gloria: (Knocking) Can I enter?

Thapelo: What do you want this early?

Gloria: (She opens the door to let herself in) Today I came to talk to you in peace.

Thapelo: If this is about him or has anything to do with him, then I’m not interested.

Gloria: No, this is strictly about us son. (Sitting on the couch next to Thapelo’s bed) Well, ever since James came into our lives we’ve lost our special bond.

Thapelo: You brought him into our lives.

Gloria: Can you please listen to me or at least hear me out.

Thapelo: (Sigh) Okay.

Gloria: Bringing him into our lives was for my own sake, not to change things around here. I loved your dad in the best way that I could. There’s no man alive that can replace him for the whole of my existence but women have needs, different kinds of needs and some I can’t talk to you about.

Thapelo: Alright, spare me the rest of the details.

Gloria: I didn’t bring James to play the father figure role to you or to disturb your peace. This is your home as much as it is mine, and I’m sorry that I didn’t ask how you would feel but James is just that kind of a friend to me, nothing else.

Thapelo: Okay fine, I hear you and I don’t have a problem with you seeing him, but he can’t live here any longer.

(He goes to the bathroom to brush his teeth)


Tell us: Thapelo clearly despises James, but does that justify his behaviour towards Gloria or not?