(Thapelo and his friends are chilling at George’s tavern)

Chris: Mama’s boy, you finally decide to show up.

TK: You have dealt with your daddy issues now, you forgot about your friends.

Thapelo: Give me a break. Don’t you have your own issues to laugh at. Stop being a nuisance. Argh man. (He grabs a chair and sits with his friends)

TK: So what’s the latest?

Thapelo: About?

Chris: You and your mom’s boyfriend. You only come to us to complain about him, or just to finish our beers and go back to your TV.

Thapelo: Ah seriously? Come on guys, let’s forget about that guy for a moment.

TK: So you’re tired of trying to chase him out of your house, and you like him to bits now.

Thapelo: I don’t think I will ever like that guy, no matter how hard his girlfriend tries to sugar coat his intensions.

Chris: So what’s the plan?

Thapelo: (Heavy sigh) I don’t know yet, but I’ve got to get rid of him.

TK: Murder?

Thapelo: What!? Have you lost your mind?

TK: What then? (He takes a puff of his cigarette)

(Chris laughs out loud)

Thapelo: I don’t know but I have to be smart with my plan.


Tell us: Do you think Thapelo’s friends are very supportive of his dilemma with his mom’s boyfriend?