TK: Look who’s here (Whistles) you have become so scarce these days, where do you hide?

Thapelo: Home.

Chris: So you and daddy are buddies now?

Thapelo: (Clicks tongue) I don’t even know his name, and he has been staying with us for months now.

TK: So you just call him daddy?

Thapelo: Urgh man, I shouldn’t have come here. (Stands up to leave)

Chris: Come on, we’re just fooling around. Sit down and drink beer.

TK: Why don’t you just make peace with him since you can’t get rid of him?

Thapelo: I don’t think I will ever like that guy, he’s so full of himself. I think he uses love spells for mom. That woman just smiles at everything that comes out of his mouth.

Chris: It could be love, and you’re jealous.

Thapelo: What do you know about love? (Thapelo goes to buy beer and comes back) I have to get rid of that guy.

TK: But how? (Downs a bottle).

Thapelo: I don’t know yet but I’ve got to do something.


Tell us: What do you think Thapelo will do to get back at James?