(Early morning, at Thapelo’s house.)

Thapelo: You’re still here? I thought I made it clear that you’re not welcome in this house.

James: Good morning to you too. (Smiles) Well you might as well celebrate my presence in this house because I am not going anywhere anytime soon. (Sips his coffee)

Thapelo: (Tongue clicking) In your wildest dreams.

James: Come on, smile a little. Take a seat, I made enough breakfast for the both of us.

Thapelo: Your days are numbered in this house. (Pause) Tell me, what is it that you want from my mom? Is it my father’s inheritance or?

James: Numbered? I wouldn’t have so much faith if I were you, fella. Didn’t mommy tell you that I will be moving in soon?

Thapelo: What? Over my dead body! Hell will break loose, you have my word on that?

James: Oh yeah? Are you threatening me little boy?

Thapelo: I’m sorry it sounds like a threat, but believe me this isn’t a threat. I’m just warning you about your actions.

James: Don’t you don’t know what I’m capable of? I’ve done a lot of bad things. (Patting Thapelo’s cheek) You don’t want to take me on. (Goes back to the bedroom)


Tell us: James is revealing his true colours, do you think Thapelo was right about him all along?