(Later that day, Gloria comes back from work and finds Thapelo and James sitting on the couches watching soccer.)

Gloria: It’s great to find my boys sitting together like this.

James: Honey, you’re back?

Gloria: Yes, and I’m so hungry.

James: Well go and change out of your uniform. Thapelo and I have cooked supper and we couldn’t eat without you.

(Gloria walks off to her bedroom.)

(They all sit down at the dinner table)

Gloria: Can I dish up for you Thapelo?

Thapelo: No, thanks. I don’t want to eat your love spells.

Gloria: What’s that supposed to mean? (Snaps) If you don’t want to eat with us then it’s fine! Just don’t throw your tantrums here.

Thapelo: Tantrums? I don’t even know this guy, so I’m not selling my soul over a plate of supper. I will prepare my own. (Heads to the kitchen)

James: It’s okay honey, just let it go. Finish your plate, I will run us a bubble bath.

Gloria: That sounds sweet. Coming right away.

(Gloria and James heads to the bathroom leaving Thapelo preparing his supper in the kitchen.)

Thapelo: Blah blah bubble bath, in another man’s house. (Clicks tongue) So much disrespect.

(After bathing, Gloria and James come back to the TV room.)

Gloria: Mmmh! That was refreshing after such a long day at work.

James: Can I make you a cup of tea or coffee maybe?

Gloria: Coffee please.

James: Coming right away. (Heading to the kitchen)

(James comes back and hands Gloria her cup of coffee)

James: Here is your coffee, madam.

Gloria: Oh, thanks honey.

James: You’re welcome. (Clearing his throat) I need a favour.

Gloria: What kind of favour?

James: Well, (Groaning) can you help me with R500? I need to buy a few car parts. I promise to pay it back as soon as I get paid.

Gloria: Alright, I will give it to you before I go to work tomorrow, and you don’t have to pay it back honey.

(The next morning, Thapelo finds James on the couches and goes to the kitchen without a word.)

James: A little hello won’t hurt a fly.

Thapelo: So what?

(James follows Thapelo to the kitchen)

James: Oh, I’d love a cup of coffee too. No sugar please.

Thapelo: I won’t be making you anything. Ever.

James: (Follows Thapelo back to the TV room) Seems like you have problems accepting that your mom and I are together.

Thapelo: That doesn’t make you my father and you will never be!

James: I will drink to that, cheers. But I can play that role (smiles) and that’s why mommy and I share the main bedroom. Look, I’m not here for your fancy breakfasts or a fancy lifestyle.

Thapelo: Then what do you want?

James: (Sits next to Thapelo) Nothing, isn’t that surprising? I’m only here to warm mommy’s bed, I’m here to make her feel like a woman and that’s something you can never give her. (James laughs)

Thapelo: Don’t you dare. (He walks out).

(Thapelo goes to George’s tavern to find his friends.


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