(The next morning, Thapelo goes to his uncle Peter to share his problems)


Peter: (Opens) This is a pleasant surprise, please come in and make yourself comfortable. (He sits) It’s very rare to see you in my house. Can I get you something to drink?

Thapelo: No uncle, I’m not really here to stay. I just came to get a few things off my chest.

Peter: Okay. About that, how’s your mom?

Thapelo: (Sigh) She’s fine. Actually she’s the reason why I came all the way down here.

Peter: Alright! What’s wrong son? I can see that you are unsettled.

Thapelo: (Clearing his throat) I don’t know how to put this. (Deep breath) I think my mom is seeing someone.

Peter: And what makes you think that?

Thapelo: Actually I know that she’s seeing someone.

Peter: Okay. But son, your mom is a grown woman. She can take care of herself and she doesn’t need you and I to worry about her. I know how you feel about this whole thing, but she deserves to be happy too. The past few years weren’t so friendly on her so please let’s not stand in her happiness.

Thapelo: It’s not her that I’m worried about uncle, it’s what she does that worries me.

Peter: (Concerned) What did she do?

Thapelo: Does she really have to bring her boyfriend into the house and let him wear my father’s clothes or even park his car in my father’s garage?

Peter: I didn’t know about that, but your mom came to me to discuss her relationship with me and I gave her the go ahead.

Thapelo: (Getting up from the couch) So you actually gave her the go ahead to disgrace your brother’s house and disrespect his memory like that?

Peter: Calm down son, we have to stand by her happiness not against it.

Thapelo: I don’t know what that woman has fed you, but clearly it works uncle. When did you become so gullible? Do you think dad is happy wherever he is? He’s probably disappointed in you uncle.

Peter: I don’t appreciate your tone. (Peter says in a serious tone) You can’t come all the way here to shout at me in my house. Look, I understand your pain but please show some respect!

Thapelo: I’ve always looked up to you as a father figure since dad passed on, but I think I made a huge mistake. I can see that if you were given a gun to kill him, you would happily pull the trigger. (He stands up to leave) The story of Kane and Abel exists in real life. (He exits the house)

Peter: (Talking to himself) Maybe he’s right. I have become so gullible otherwise I’d have whipped his ears. But why does he think that I betrayed my brother’s memory?


Tell us: But, has Peter really betrayed his brother’s memory?