(Thapelo goes to his friend’s house)

TK: What’s up dude? You barely said a thing since you got here?

Chris: It’s not like he ever says anything, he always acts dead around us.

(They all laugh out loud)

Thapelo: My mom is always yelling about how I should grow up and act responsible, at least get a job or go to college. It has become one of her morning hymns.

TK: She’s tired of feeding a lazy bum like you, poor woman. I can feel her pain.

Chris: She must have had enough of it.

Thapelo: (Clicks tongue) It’s not like you’re doing something for your parents.

Chris: I put food on the table for my sisters.

TK: I pay my dad’s medical bills since he got a stroke. I’ve become a bread winner and I make ends meet. You can’t even afford a mere cigarette.

Thapelo: Ends meet? (Laughs) with what? Your empty brains. I wonder who has the nerve to hire someone with a Grade 8 report.

(Chris puts his hand in his pocket and takes out a huge chunk of money.)

Chris: This is enough to make me your stepfather, and chase you out of your house. (Chris laughs)

Thapelo: Back off. Where did you get all this money? (Thapelo counts the money) It’s 5K.

TK: Yes, half for me and half for my friend.

Chris: Yizo ntwana yam. (Sure)

Thapelo: So where did you get this money?

TK: Ask no questions and hear no lies. But it could be yours too.

Thapelo: Yeah? How? Maybe I’d stop being yelled at.

Chris: Unfortunately, we don’t kiss and tell bro, but we can meet up later at George’s tavern for some drinks.

(The next morning at Thapelo’s house)

Gloria: So you came home drunk last night?

Thapelo: Not today please, I have a very bad headache.

Gloria: Oh. You’re stressing about your future or the drinks you were downing last night? Are you aware of the mess you made in my toilet?

Thapelo: (Raising his eyebrows) What did I do?

Gloria: You vomited inside there. You didn’t even aim properly. How are we supposed to use it?

Thapelo: Ok, Stop yelling at me. I will clean that mess. (He goes to get the mop and a bucket) And whose car is that in the garage?

Gloria: Go and clean the toilet, and stop asking about cars. Are you a mechanic now?


Tell us: There’s something dodgy about Thapelo’s friends, where do you think they get all that money from?