(One morning Gloria goes to Thapelo’s room and finds him still laying in his bed)

Gloria: Wake up (Patting him) I want to find this house clean when I get back. (Silence) You should stop sleeping till this time of the day, you’re not getting any younger.

Thapelo: It’s rude to wake someone from their sleep. (He mumbles)

Gloria: I said wake up and clean this house now.

Thapelo: Please keep it down, I’m trying to rest here.

Gloria: You will rest when you’re dead or at your own house. And how many times have I told you not to bring your bottles into my house?

Thapelo: I will throw them in the bin when I get out of bed.

Gloria: Get up now. (Gloria removes Thapelo’s blankets)

Thapelo: But mom, you are worse than these alarms. This is child abuse; you know that? (He gets up from his bed)

Gloria: Typical of you to call yourself a child with so much beard on your face. Your friends are busy working for their parents while you’re busy giving me constant headaches and emptying my fridge!

Thapelo: Who’s going to take care of you when I’m not around?

Gloria: I don’t care about that, at least my fridge would breathe and my groceries would last.

Thapelo: (Checks his watch) Aren’t you getting late for work?

Gloria: No.

Thapelo: Alright, I will be out of your sight just now. Let me wash my face and make breakfast.

(In the TV room, Thapelo is having his breakfast)

Gloria: Tell me, have you ever considered doing something with your life like, going to college or looking for a job?

Thapelo: Now this is pure harassment, how much does it cost for peace in your house? I want to buy it because I feel like I woke up in hell.

Gloria: Hell is the place you will wake up to if you don’t work on your future now. I am only trying to open your eyes for God’s sake.

Thapelo: I know that ma, but we spoke about this remember? I am taking a gap year.

Gloria: So that you can come home drunk every night? Stop delaying your future for temporary pleasure.

Thapelo: Okay, fine mum. I heard you. You should have been a lecturer not a nurse.

(He puts his plate in the sink and exits the house)

Gloria: (Shouting after him) You should have been someone else’s child too.


Tell us: What do you make of Thapelo’s behaviour around the house?