(Thapelo goes to clean and comes back to find his mother having breakfast with a someone)

Gloria: Say hello to our guest.

Thapelo: (Looking at the man sitting next to his mother) I don’t remember inviting any guest. (Clicks his tongue)

Gloria: (Clears her throat) I’m sorry, he doesn’t mean that.

Thapelo: Of course I do. And you (pointing at their guest) should take off my father’s gown and please move your scrap out of my father’s garage or else I will push it through the gate.

Gloria: Hey, this is my house and I decide what happens in it!

Thapelo: I thought you wanted me to go away because you’re so concerned about my future, but you just wanted your freedom so that you can disgrace my father’s house and disrespect his memory like this?

Gloria: You should mind how you talk to me.

Thapelo: And you should mind how you act around me too.

James: Guys, please stop this madness.

Thapelo: Stay out of this. You’re not welcome in this house. Dad must be tossing and turning in his grave right now.

(Thapelo furiously storms out of the house and bangs the door on his way out)


Tell us: There’s someone else in the picture and Thapelo is not pleased, what are your thoughts?