[Andile in front of student with other src members. The news reporter is taking pictures]

Andile: Amandla students, amandla!

Students: Amandla!

Andile: Move forward with the students movement, forward!

Student: Forward!

Sandiswa: I greet you all, as we all aware that we have troubles in this school. One of the problems we have is that one of our own has been suspended for no reason.

Student 4: Sandy we need Miss Zondi here, she is the one to answer us.

[Sandiswa talking to Lindy]

Sandiswa: Lindy please call our school board and Miss Zondi here.

Lindy: Okay my sister.

[Lindy goes to admin and calls all teachers and comes back with them to assembly point. Student sings louder and saying “Down with Miss Zondi”]

Sandiswa: Calm down students calm down, let’s give miss L.P a chance to talk.

Miss Zondi: Before we have this meeting I would like Andile to leave us!

Students: (with anger) No one is leaving here!

Miss Zondi: That means this meeting is over then.

Andile : (raising his fist) Amandla students. I will leave for now, don’t worry.

[Andile leaves and students make noise giving Miss Zondi no chance to speak and throw stones to Miss Zondi. Sandiswa tries to control students]

Sandiswa: Please control yourselves students let’s stop fighting.

Students: (With anger they sing and stop throwing stones) We don’t need Miss Zondi at school.

Miss Zondi: (with fear) Students please calm down, let’s talk.

Njabulo: (with anger) We have nothing to talk to you about.

[enters DHET member]

Sandiswa: Students control yourselves please.

DHET member: I greet you students, I received your call yesterday, I’m from the Department of Education.

Lindy: Thank you for coming at such short notice.

Miss Zondi: (shocked after seeing a DHET member) Students please let’s talk, what are your demands?

Student 2: We need a reason why you suspended Andile.

Miss Zondi: He was so talkative and caused problems for us.

Student 1: We sent him, why don’t you suspend all of us?

Miss Zondi: Are you out of your mind? Come forward!

[pointing at student 1]

DHET member: Miss Zondi is this the way you work here?

Miss Zondi: No! It’s not the way we are do it, but we can’t be controlled by students!

Sandiswa: We need Andile back here now.

Miss Zondi: He won’t come back here, he is too disrespectful!

Dhet member: Students can I take one hour of yours? I need a quick meeting with your S.R.C and with your school board.

Student: Yes you can.

[SRC and DHET member and staff board go to meeting, students are singing. At board room]

Dhet member: I greet you all, please be seated.

Njabulo: Thank you.

DHET member: I’m here regarding this issue about this school and I’m not happy to see how things going on here.

Miss Zondi: Sir, things will be okay soon don’t worry.

DHET member: No LP you need to bring back that boy you suspended today and after that you need to control yourself.

Miss Zondi: Okay sir, but we can’t let a student control the school.

Mr Zulu: Yes we can’t let them control the school but we must give them their place too.

DHET member: You are right Mr Zulu. Can anyone tell me what really happened between Miss Zondi and Andile?

Sandiswa: Yes sir, we had a meeting regarding sports day and Miss Zondi was against it. She fought with Andile and then suspended him!

DHET member: Miss Zondi that was out of line, you suspended Andile for no good reason.

Miss Zondi: I’m sorry Sir.

DHET member: Do you know that can affect a student’s career?

Miss Zondi: Sorry sir it won’t happen again.

DHET member: It better not, it will affect yours too if that happens.

Mr Ntuli: Lindy call Andile to come to school, now!

DHET member: Lindy you may leave and use the school phone. This meeting is over, let’s go back to the students now.


Tell us: Do you think Miss Zondi deserves to be forgiven after dismissing someone with no good reason?