Andile: Amandla!

Students: Awethu!

Andile: Students thanks for your time, as you know we had an meeting with school board.

Student 3: (interrupts Andile’s speech) What was their response?

Andile: Calm down please give me time I’ll let you know what happened inside the board room.

Sandiswa: Andile just go straight to their answer.

Andile: Students Miss Zondi disagrees with us and she said there will be no sport in this school as long as she is still our deputy principal.

Student: Down with Miss Zondi, down!

Andile: Students as you all know that on March 3 it will be an election day, I won’t be there due to suspension.

Njabulo: What? Who suspended you?

Sandiswa: Who else if it not Miss Zondi? Andile picked up a fight with Miss Zondi at board room about being the voice of the students.

[Students start singing political song]

Andile: Calm down students, as you know I won’t be around the school for a long period, I have decided to step down from being the president.

[Waving hand and saying Amandla]

Students: (singing) We need Andile, bring back our president. Down with Miss Zondi, down!

[In principal office Mr Zulu, Mr Luvino and Mr Ntuli]

Mr Luvino: Tell me what’s going on in this school now?

Mr Zulu: L.P suspended the students’ leader and now they need him back.

Mr Luvino: L.P is so stubborn, what if the students report her at department of high education?

Mr Ntuli: That will be her problem, we tried to warn her but she didn’t listen, so now we have to sit back and watch

[The bell rings and everybody leave school premises. At the gate there are 6 members of SRC]

Lindy: Tomorrow guys we will fight for Andile and we need DHD contact details.

Njabulo: I will try to get the numbers and guy we need to have news reporter at school tomorrow.

Andile: I will get the Greytown Gazet reporter. I’m sure he will like our story.

Sizwe: Guys we don’t need her anymore after this. Let’s meet early tomorrow.

Sandiswa: Bye guys.

[Early morning and Andile is on his way to SRC office, he collides with Miss Zondi]

Miss Zondi: Didn’t you hear me?

Andile: I did and I respected you but you only suspended me from school not SRC so if you will excuse me I have a meeting to attend

Miss Zondi: (with anger) You are so rude I don’t want to see you in this school anymore!

Andile : (smiling) Well we will see about that because I know you are not the principal yet so you have no power.

[Miss Zondi with angry while Andile leaves her standing there. Andile enters the office]

Andile: The reporter is here and I just met Miss Zondi.

Sizwe: What did she say?

Andile: She said she doesn’t want to see me here anymore and now I say let her chase me out of this school. Lindy call all students to the assembly point now.

[Lindy leaves and calls students and other SRC members go to the assembly point]


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