(They arrive where the pride is resting under the tall trees. From a distance they stop unnoticed by the lions.)

Bulky: (Points) There.

King Sue: OK, listen everyone, this is how we’re going to do it. We’re going to act like we’re passing by then jump onto them when they least expect it OK?

Swarm: Yes, master!

King Sue: OK. Buffalos, stay here. Everybody move!

(Swarm simultaneously flies away. The resting lions hear an approaching buzz of bees. They all look out curiously but don’t catch a sight of a single bee, so they are not bothered a bit.)

King Sue: (Now close enough to the pride) Everybody prepare your weapons; we’re about to attack!

(The swarm prepared themselves.)

King Sue: When we get there, sting guys. Sting like nobody’s business, OK?

Swarm: Yes, master!

(As they were about to attack, the pride ran into the nearby raging river and got swept away. From that day, the lions were never seen in that area again.)


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