(15 days later, Bulky, Bosky, Belly, Becky and Charlotte are grazing next to each other among the herd.)

Charlotte: (Smiles) Since the death of the beast, everyone feels safe.

Becky: Indeed.

Belly: We were tortured in our own space. But now we are the kings!

Bosky: Yep! Yep! I feel like I’m in a new space.

Bulky: That’s me.

Becky: But guys, have you seen the other lion?

Bulky: No. He obviously shifted to another territory.

Belly: He’d better.

(In a deep, dense bush, Jack’s younger brother is hiding under the scrubs. It’s been two weeks without something to feed. None of his solo hunts turned successful and he’s ravenous. He utters a deep roar and dies peacefully. The buffalos are still grazing in a sunny afternoon. Bulky raises his head and spots a pride approaching from up the hill.)

Bulky: Guys, prepare yourselves for the worst, the war is not over yet!

(The herd instantly pauses from grazing.)

Bosky: What do you mean?

Bulky: Everyone, look up to the hill!

Herd: Oh no! The lions again?

Bulky: Everybody run!

(They disperse to different directions, but Bulky and Bosky run together towards one direction. As they run they communicate.)

Bulky: Where from here?

Bosky: I don’t know. Maybe we should visit the bees!

Bulky: What?

Bosky: Yeah, they can help us get rid of these pestering lions!

Bulky: You say?

Bosky: Yeah, this way! (They turn to the direction that leads to the bees.)

(A swarm of bees is hovering over yellow flowers. Some are sitting on them including the king, Sue and queen, Meek. Two hovering bees detect the two buffalos sprinting towards them.)

Bee: Master, we’re being ambushed!

King Sue: What? Who’s it?

Bee: The buffalos!

(The swarm panics.)

King Sue: OK, everybody don’t panic, remember we can fly and they can’t.

(The racing buffalos finally arrive and jib before the swarm.)

Bosky: (Breathing heavily) Sorry to barge in like this, I promise we are not a threat!

Bulky: He’s right. We need your help.

King Sue: How can we help?

Bosky: The lions. They have invaded our territory!

King Sue: What’s unusual there? Because you’ve been sharing territory for years.

Bulky: We have killed one of the lions, but one managed to escape.

King Sue: You mean he called this new pride?

Bosky: Exactly and they want revenge.

King Sue: Where are they?

Bulky: Follow us.

King Sue: Everybody, let’s follow them.

(The bees follow.)


Tell us: How do you think the bees will be able to help them?