(It is four years later, and Sethu is studying at Wits University. Molly is taking care of Sethu’s family while he is away. After some time, Sethu comes back to visit his family.)

Molly: Look at you, big man. You have become a grootman Ngqoyiyana.

Sethu: Buddy, stop it, its just me, the Sethu that you know.

Molly: Okay, Mr charted accountant. How is varsity life keeping you? Is there any Molly buddy there in Jo’burg? If there is, then I am flying with you to kill her.

Sethu: Unfortunately, there is, and she is doing so much than you.

Molly: (Shocked.) Sethu …

Sethu: (Laughs.) Relax buddy. I am joking. You are the only true buddy that I have, nobody else.

Molly: (Sad.) How can I believe that when you just said …

Sethu: I said I’m joking buddy, and I am joking, okay? You are my only one and forever friend. (He kisses her on the forehead.) Hey, change your face.

Moly: Your joke got me. Okay, I hear you. I am sure you are tired and hungry. I have boiled water for you to bath, and then I will prepare supper. Your mom is still sleeping.

Sethu: You sound like my wife.

Molly: As if you have one.

Sethu: But soon hey, it is time I go to the sea and look for a fish.

Molly: Goodluck on that quest, but make sure you don’t get another Natasha.

Sethu: Hey, stop mentioning that name, and, where is Lisa?

Molly: Lisa? Oh uhm … Lisa …

Sethu: (Surprised.) Yes Molly, Lisa! Where is she?

Molly: Lisa got kidnapped.

Sethu: (Angry.) Damn Molly, why didn’t you tell me? Why now? Did you inform the police? Is she still alive?

Molly: Stop Sethu, Lisa is going to come back.

Sethu: (Crying.) I promised mama that I will always be there for Lisa. I promised her that I will watch over her, and now you are telling me this. I will go and look for her tomorrow morning.

Molly: Where, Sethu?

Sethu: Everywhere, Molly! I trusted you with my sister, but now this. Nxa.

Molly: I will call you when the food is ready. (Her phone rings.)

Caller: It’s all done. We are done with her.


Tell us: What do you think happened to Lisa?