(It is the morning, and Sethu is preparing to go to look for his sister, Lisa.)

Molly: Breakfast is ready, Sethu.

Sethu: I don’t want food. All I want is my sister.

Molly: Okay, Good luck on that. I pray you find her alive.

Sethu: Molly, aren’t you my best friend? You were always there for me when I was in a problem, now it seems like I am alone in this situation.

Molly: I don’t have time to waste in the streets of Gugulethu, and Sethu it is your birthday today …

Sethu: (Shouting.) I do not care Molly. All I care about is Lisa. You were irresponsible with keeping her safe.

Molly: She is not my child, Sethu.

Sethu: (Pauses for a moment) Did you? She is not your child? Molly? You know what, I’m going to find my sister, and when I come back with her, its over with our friendship. (He leaves.)

(After a while, Sethu comes back. Outside the house, he sees many cars parked there. He notices his uncle’s car from the Eastern Cape, and he quickly rushes to get inside the house.)

Zweli: (Excited.) Aww, mtshana ka Malume. Khazijonge mfondini, sewukhule wamngaka. Ndakugqibela uyidyongwana encinci engakwazi nothetha.

Martha: Yitsh’uphinda myeni wam, ingathi ayinguye lo ndandimtshinstha I napkin.

(Sethu is not into all of that. He is shocked about what is happening. His mother shows up smiling.)

Nomsa: Oh, my son, you should be proud of your friend Molly. She did all of this, she even invited your family from the Eastern Cape to celebrate your birthday. You have a good friend my child, I pray you never lose each other.

Sethu: (Angry and shouting.) Mama, Lisa is missing, and all you care of is my stupid birthday? And you Molly, you did this whereas you know my little sister is missing, she could be dead by now.

Molly: Well, on that note Sethu, you know, you have been a great person to me, and I wonder how we got each other. Through my darkest times, you were the moon that brought brightness to me and Ngqoyiyana, I thank you for that. I once had friends, but decided to leave them for you. You are a true friend, buddy. Today we are here celebrating your 23rd birthday …

Sethu: Hold it right there, girl. My sister comes first, and since you don’t care about her disappearance, our relationship is over. I’m no longer your friend, Molly Pakade, you rather find those friends of yours again.

Molly: Wait Sethu. Okay, before I leave you, since you said our friendship is over … I have more one thing for you, then I will go to look for those friends (She cries.) Wait here, I’m coming … (She goes to the room.)

Sethu: Mama, what’s going on here? What type of madness is this?

(Molly comes back from the room and surprises Sethu.)

Lisa: Molo Bhuti!

Sethu: (Shocked.) Lisa? (He approaches her.) Lisa, I thought …

Lisa: You thought what? I was missing?

Sethu: (Crying.) Yes, Molly …? Is this? But you?

Molly: Sethu, like I said, you are my best friend and I will always be there for you. Do you remember the day you left me here to read your mom a story?

Sethu: Yes?

Molly: When she was sleeping, I went through her documents and found something. It was a doctor’s note about Lisa, and I saw the money you needed there for surgery.

Sethu: It was too much Molly, where did you get that money?

Molly: I contacted my uncle who owns businesses to help me, and he never hesitated.

Sethu: (Crying.) If the moon goes dark, don’t hesitate to call me at night to be your light. If the rain can never stop raining, do not hesitate to make me your permanent umbrella. If all people died, I will ask the mortuary to create a big coffin to fit the both of us in …

Molly: (Sobbing.) Enough buddy. Now … you said our friendship is over, so I must go and look for my old friends

Sethu: Here we go again with your drama. Of course I was not meaning that.

Molly: And this time you never got me. I knew you were not meaning that, I am clever, ne.

Nomsa: Enough, the two of you. Where is that whisky that was here, its my son’s birthday

Sethu: Mama, you can’t drink. Remember, you are sick, and alcohol is dangerous for cancer.

Molly: Well, on that buddy, your mom doesn’t have cancer anymore. I paid for her surgery from my personal savings account. She is fine now.

Sethu: Molly! Molly! What did I do to deserve such a friend like you? In fact, you are no longer a friend to me, but you are my family.

Molly: Buddy, no more words now from you. Let us go somewhere to celebrate your birthday, the driver is waiting outside.


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