(It is the following morning, and Sethu is preparing to go to school. When he is about to go, Molly enters.)

Molly: You’re so early today, hey.

Sethu: Lucky you, you finished your matric, now you’re watching who’s early and who’s not. Mom is in her room, Lisa is still sleeping … food is in the cupboard

Molly: You’re reminding me of what I know, Sethu.

Sethu: Just wanted to make sure, buddy, goodbye. (He leaves.)

(Nomsa comes out of her room.)

Nomsa: (Happily.) Good morning my baby, are you well?

Molly: I am good mama, looking forward to reading you that story today.

Nomsa: Molly my child, you and Sethu have been friends ever since childhood, why do you love Sethu this much?

Molly: (Laughs.) That’s my buddy mama. He is just unique, and he is different from all boys here. That is my best friend, and I don’t want to lose him.

Nomsa: But Sethu does not have anything, and you are from a rich family…

Molly: So, what, mama? My mother and father are rich, not me, and if it was about that, I would have left Sethu a long time ago. But … I am here for him, he has been there for me, and we are buddies mama.

Nomsa: My child, you are making me happy, I love you so much. When I’m dead, please stay being supportive to him and my daughter.

Molly: I will always be there for Sethu, and Lisa … and … you are not dying anytime soon ma.

Nomsa: My days are numbered, my child. My death is so close.

Molly: I think it’s time I read the story mama.

Nomsa: (Smiling.) You can my child.

(After reading the story, Nomsa falls asleep. Molly is searching Nomsa’s bag, and she finds a paper. After reading it, she takes out her phone and dials.)

Molly: Hey uncle, I hope you’re good. Listen, I need a huge favour Malume, but I can only ask you when we meet …

(After the phone call, Molly goes to her home.)


Tell us: What do you think about what Molly said about her decision to be Sethu’s friend?