Joe regrets that he performed the ritual. So he decides to tell his parents about the matter.

Joe’s mom: Joe, do you want money to buy drugs again? What has happened to you?

Joe’s dad: He was a smart boy four years ago. Look at Bongane, he’s now a lawyer. His parents now live in town.

Joe’s mom: They were even best friends. I don’t know what happened to my child.

Joe: Please don’t compare me to Bongane. He’s living his best life and has forgotten about me.

Joe’s dad: Why must he think of you? He worked very hard. And you Joe, instead, you started failing tests, getting into trouble many times.

Joe’s mom: What brings us here? Joe, talk, I have to wash the laundry and also prepare supper.

Joe: OK, Mom and Dad, four years ago I performed a ritual to be successful in life. Remember when the neighbours saw blood in our yard? That was the day.

Joe’s dad: Who told you to perform that ritual? Is it Bongane?

Joe’s mom: My husband, it doesn’t matter any more, this thing happened four years ago!

Joe’s dad: It doesn’t matter? What are you saying, my wife? We could have left this village. Look at our living conditions. The government promised us RDP houses since 2009, even now we haven’t received anything. I believed in this boy that one day he’d make our lives better.

Joe: I’m so sorry, Dad. I was brainwashed by a random man in town, the time Bongane and I went to see sport cars.

Joe’s mom: I understand, my child. What do you want us to do?

Joe: I want to go to rehab. I want to make my life better.

Joe’s dad: Alright. I hear you, but let’s go back to the ritual. What happened?

Joe: I killed three pets. I ate them then buried their heads in our back yard.

Joe’s dad: Really? I was surprised when my soil was fertilised! Where were we when you were doing this?

Joe: You were sleeping. It was around 11 pm.

Joe’s mom: That’s enough. OK, you say you want to go to rehab but you see our situation, we don’t have money. Rehabs are expensive.

Joe: I can do anything. I can start a car wash.

Joe’s mom: Where, my child? People don’t have cars in this village.

Joe: I will go to town.

Joe’s mom: OK, my child. You can start today.

Joe’s dad: OK, is the meeting over now? I want to water my plants.

Joe: Yes, Dad, the meeting is over.

Joe’s mom: Good luck, my child.
Joe:: Thank you, Mom.

(Joe gathers equipment for his car wash goes to town to look for clients).

Joe: Car wash! Car wash here! R20! Yes, it’s R20!

(Joe raises his voice for many people to hear him but instead they don’t pay attention to him).

Joe:: (Talking to himself) I wonder what’s wrong. Why don’t they pay attention to me?

(Joe decides to go back home because people are not minding him).

Joe: (He gets in the house) I tried. I want to try again tomorrow. I’ll wake up early.

Joe’s mom: Don’t give up, my child. Wake up early tomorrow. You’ll have customers.

Joe: Thank you, Mom. Where is Dad?

Joe’s mom: He’s asleep.

Joe: OK, Mom. Goodnight. I’m tired.

Joe’s mom: Goodnight, my child.

(Joe sleeps, then wakes up very early. He walks to town and arrives but unfortunately is hit by a car and dies on the scene. His parents want to surprise him with the gift of going to rehab but sadly they receive news that has Joe died.)

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