(Sethu is walking home from school. He sees Nhlanhla walking alone. He approaches her.)

Sethu: Hi, can I speak with you?

Nhlanhla: What do you want? Didn’t I say you must stop talking to me?

Sethu: I’ll just want to say a few things then I’ll leave you, please.

Nhlanhla: I’m listening…

Sethu: Nhlanhla, I can’t stop thinking about you…

Nhlanhla: (Laughing) Me? You don’t even know me.

Sethu: Lemme finish, ever since I saw you, my heart hasn’t rested, you’re driving my mind crazy. Can you please accept my love? I love you.

Nhlanhla: (Laughing) Sethu, you’re not in my league bro, plus, I only date cheeseboys, so you don’t fit, look at me, you can’t afford me.

Sethu: I can’t afford you, but my love can afford you, I may not be a cheeseboy but my heart is sweeter than cheese. I may not be in your league but it took just a snap for Jomo Sono to join the big guns in the PSL.

Nhlanhla: Boy, stop dreaming, you’ll never get me, okay?

(As they were talking, a white Polo Vivo drove by and hooted for Nhlanhla. She went to the car, and Sethu was left alone just like that. He stood staring at the car until it disappeared. As he was standing there, one of Nhlanhla’s friends, Zinzi, approached him)

Zinzi: Hi, you must be Sethu.

Sethu: Yeah, I am.

Zinzi: Are you still crushing on Nhlanhla, do you still want her?

Sethu: What makes you to ask me that?

Zinzi: I’m trying to help you to get her.

Sethu: Really?

Zinzi: Yeah sure. Firstly, can you tell me about yourself, what do you do for living?

Sethu: OK, I’m an author, also a poet that’s what I do, and I attend school.

Zinzi: Do you get paid?

Sethu: OK, I know where you’re going to, I don’t want to buy Nhlanhla, I want to love her, that’s all, and I’ll get her.

Zinzi: Bro forget, in fact lemme leave you poor boy.

Sethu: I didn’t choose to be poor. But you’ll regret this later.

Zinzi: (clicks her tongue) Bye!


Tell us: Do you think that money keeps people apart?