(Sethu is at the park with friends, playing soccer. Suddenly a group of girls passes by them. The boys stop playing to look and chat.)

Thabo: Eish, Look at that!

Zakes: (Pointing) That one with the red skirt is mine. Hey, that girl is cute.

(Sethu stares at one girl with a sad and shocked face.)

Jama: (Looking at Sethu) And then? What’s wrong with you, did those mothers put some spell on you again? (Everyone laughs)

Sethu: That is the girl I dreamt of.

Zakes: Which one?

Sethu: The one with spectacles.

Thabo: (Laughing) Sethu, are you mad bro? Or it’s those mothers again? Look at that girl bro, look at you, you are totally different from her. Plus, you live in a shack bro, c’mon.

Jama: You’re not in her league bro, that’s the cutest yellow-bone I’ve ever seen, and her specs suit her.

Sethu: (With confidence) Now, ya’ll trying to discourage me? I trust my instincts, I’ll go to that girl, I won’t listen to you.

Thabo: You’re going to her? Walking? Bro, you don’t have a GTI, go and buy a GTI first then go to the girl.

Sethu: You! You’re bad friends, let me go to that girl, I’ll show you who I am.

Zakes: Please don’t bro!

Jama: Go! Go for her bro, come back and you will be my Trevor Noah.

(Sethu goes to the girl.)

Zinzi: Look who’s approaching us. (The girls laugh.)

Sethu: (Brushing his head) Hi, may I speak with you? (He points to Nhlanhla.)

Anita: Look at you, you have guts coming to us, who are…

Nhlanhla: No guys, give the guy a chance! We can chat aside bro.

Zinzi: Okay! Okay! Make sure no other guy sees you ke girl because you’ll lower our dignity.

Nhlanhla: (Laughs) Anyway, what do you want guy?

Sethu: My name is Sethu, I stay here. Those are my friends, and you?

Nhlanhla: I’m Nhlanhla, I stay on the opposite side. These are my friends too.

Sethu: It’s nice to know you. It’s just that you’re beautiful, I’ve never seen such a beautiful lady in this place.

Nhlanhla: Thanks, but I have to go, my boyfriend can pop up at any time, it’s nice knowing you. Bye.

Sethu: Can I have your number then?

Nhlanhla: Sorry, I can’t give you my number.

Sethu: Why?

Nhlanhla: I have to go, bye.

(Nhlanhla goes to her friends and Sethu goes to his.)

Thabo: (Laughing) Which Trevor Noah show are we watching today?

Jama: There’s a Sethu on my stoep!

Sethu: At least I tried, what did you do? Nothing, you were just pointing.

Zakes: Poor Sethu, you know I love you boy, lemme give you a piece of advice, don’t let your feelings fool you…

Sethu: Blah! Blah! Blah! Enough Zakes bro, and my mom is calling me, I’ve to go home.

Thabo: (Laughing) And I have a homework to do. See you bros…

(Later that night. Sethu is at home with his family. They are about to go to sleep but his mom, Pamela, notices that something is wrong with Sethu.)

Pamela: What’s wrong with you Sethu, you don’t seem OK.

Sethu: No, there’s nothing wrong Mama.

Pamela: I’m your mom Sethu, I’ve known your whole life, I know when you’re good and not.

Sethu: It’s about a girl…

Pamela: (Angry) No! No! No! Sethu, hang on there, I don’t wanna hear anything concerning girls in my house, am I clear? You’re17 and you’re supposed to be focusing on your school work, not girls. I won’t speak with you about this again.

Sethu: OK, Mama.

Pamela: Good! Now go to sleep, tomorrow it’s school.

(Sethu is in his room lying on his bed. He falls asleep and dreams he is dating Nhlanhla and that he is about to propose to her. But when Sethu is about to put a ring on the finger, the dream fades.)


Tell us: Do you think Sethu has a chance with Nhlanhla?