(It is the next day. Sethu is walking with his mom in town, they have been grocery shopping.)

Pamela: (Angry) I’m sick and tired of this mood of yours, Sethu. Here, hold this beetroot for me. (Sethu drops it and it falls to the floor) What’s your problem, Sethu? Why are you like this? Who’s going to clean it?

Sethu: I’m so sorry mom, it’s just that you don’t give me time to explain what’s bothering me.

Pamela: That makes you to drop things in the shop, huh? Clean this mess! Clean it!
(The manager appears.)

Manager: No leave it, it’s fine. We have people that get paid to do that.

Pamela: Thank you, sir. Let’s go home!

(After they come home from town, Sethu goes to his local shop. On the way, Nhlanhla appears.)

Sethu: Hey.

Nhlanhla: Hi.

Sethu: Can… Can I speak with you for a moment?

Nhlanhla: I’m rushing somewhere, what is it that you wanna say?

Sethu: I won’t take much of your time, in fact, can you read this thing when you reach home, or when you’re free. (He takes out a page from pocket and he gives it her.)

Nhlanhla: What is this?

Sethu: Just read it at home please, before you sleep. It has everything in it.

Nhlanhla: OK. I have to go.

(She leaves, Sethu is watching her as she’s walking in front of him. As he is standing, his friends Jama and Thabo appear.)

Thabo: Hey boy, what’s going on with you lately?

Sethu: What do you mean?

Thabo: Your mom man told us that you’re acting all weird at home.

Jama: Eish! Boy, and that’s worrying me, is this Nhlanhla girl driving you crazy?

Sethu: You can say that again, Jama boy. This girl! I’ve gone days without eating at home. Now this morning I broke something in town… I love this girl guys, I wish she could see that. Yes, I’m not in her status or league, but love isn’t about that, love is about the heart, Jama. Yes, I don’t have GTIs but my heart is a GTI. I can’t afford to buy her an iPhone but my love for her can buy a mansion. I’m desperate for her love, Thabo. What can I do to make her love me? What can I do? I’ve never felt like this, never! (Crying) Please, advise me boys, what must I do?

Thabo: Eish! Boy, this is so hard, what I can say, you’re good with words bro, write her a poem explaining your feelings on her.

Jama: Ask from her friends what she likes, I’ll help you bro to buy that thing, we’ve been friends for a long time and I can’t leave you now, (wiping his tears and hugs him) I love you boy.

Sethu: Thanks boys, I’ll work on those things, in fact I already did wrote a poem for her and I gave it to her. Hopefully, she will read it tonight.

Thabo: Oh OK cool, now, go home, take a nap and relax.

Sethu: OK, see you soon bros. (They go their separate ways.)


Tell us: Do you like writing poetry? Have you ever written someone a love poem?