(In the morning, Nhlanhla goes to Sethu. She is crying.)

Sethu: What’s wrong?

Nhlanhla: He raped me! (She cries.)

Sethu: (Angrily) No! No! Are you OK?

Nhlanhla: How can I be OK when I was raped?

Sethu: Let’s go to the police station now.

Nhlanhla: Are you serious?

Sethu: Yes, let’s go.

(Sethu and Nhlanhla go to the police station. Brian gets arrested for attempted murder and for raping Nhanhla. After a trial he is sentenced to 25 years in jail. Ten years later, Sethu and Nhlanhla are still together and they are walking through a shopping mall.)

Sethu: It’s been a long day my love, hey?

Nhlanhla: Yeah. And these plastics are too heavy for me.

Sethu: Put them down.

Nhlanhla: Why?

Sethu: Just put them down. Hey everyone, please come here, get closer please.(Everyone in the mall is shocked but they do as Sethu asks.)

Nhlanhla: (Shocked) What are you doing?

Sethu: (He holds Nhlanhla’s hands.) Well, baby, I’ve been with you through many difficulties. We have overcome many things. You have showed me love. You have showed me everything that has to do with love. Without you, I would be nothing. You have been an amazing girlfriend to me. You are the reason I breathe ever day. (He goes down on one knee, taking something out of his pocket.) I don’t have much to thank you for everything you have done in my life. But, out of all the guys in the entire universe, can you make me the happiest one of them all? Will you marry me? (Everyone starts cheering.)

Nhlanhla: (Crying) This was so unexpected. I also want to thank you, Sethu, for everything you have done for me. Yes, I will, I will make you the happiest man on earth! (She puts out her hand and allows Sethu to put the ring on her finger.)

Sethu: I love you so much, baby.

Nhlanhla: I love you too, Mr Ngqoyiyana.

(They hug.)


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