(It’s four weeks later. Nhlanhla is sitting at a table with her mom. They’re eating dinner.)

Thembi: You and Sethu nowadays, I don’t understand you.

Nhlanhla: Why?

Thembi: You’re in town, you’re at the stadium, you’re at the cinema. You have a lot of money to waste!

Nhlanhla: That’s called romance, mama haibo!

Thembi: No, I’m not against everything, I’m just saying…
(As they sit chatting, a knock comes at the door.)

Nhlanhla: Are you expecting someone? Sethu didn’t say anything about coming here tonight.

Thembi: No, I know who it is. Well, I didn’t tell you, but I’ll explain later, let me go and open the door.

Nhlanhla: (Smiling) Mama, now you’re doing things undercover.

Thembi: Leave me alone! (Thembi goes to open the door, the guy comes inside.) Nhlanhla, meet Brian, Brian is from Constantia. Brian, this is Nhlanhla, my one and only daughter…

(Nhlanhla doesn’t say anything. She gets up and leaves the house. She goes to Sethu’s home.)

Sethu: Nana, what is it?

Nhlanhla: (Crying) I can’t do this! I can’t, this cannot be happening. Tell me it’s a joke.

Pamela: (Coming out from her room) Who’s making so much noise here. Oh Nhlanhla it’s you, what’s wrong my child?

Nhlanhla: (Crying) That guy is in my house.

Sethu: (Angry) Which guy?

Nhlanhla: That guy who shot me! (Sethu wants to go there.) No Sethu, please don’t, he’s dangerous.

Sethu: Mama! Don’t hold me! I want kill that monster, leave me mama!

Nhlanhla: Sethu please don’t, he will kill you, please don’t go there.

Sethu: OK, what is he doing in your house?

Nhlanhla: He’s dating my mom.

Pamela: (Shocked) What?

Nhlanhla: Yes.

Sethu: Now it’s time to use my intellect, you know what baby, tonight you will sleep here. Go there in the morning, pretend that you don’t know this guy. Wait until I can find out more.

Nhlanhla: OK baby, can I sleep now? I’m so tired.

Pamela: Come and sleep in my room, my child, nothing is going to happen to you.

(They all go to sleep. The following evening, Brian again comes to visit. This time Thembi and Nhanhla are eating together at the table. Brian joins them.)

Thembi: What happened yesterday, Nhlanhla? Why did you ran away?

Brian: Maybe she was surprised to see such a perfect match for her mom. (They both laugh.)

Thembi: Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Nhlanhla: Let me go and sleep. (She heads off to her room.)

Brian: You know what my love, lemme go and introduce myself properly to your daughter, she’s still scared because she doesn’t know me.

Thembi: OK my love, I’ll go and prepare the bedroom, you will find me there.

(Brian goes to the room, he finds Nhlanhla lying on her bed.)

Brian: Shhhhhh! Don’t make any noise.

Nhlanhla: (Scared) What do you want?

Brian: I’m here to warn you. Don’t you ever do or say anything about me. That will lead you to the grave. If you dare tell your mom anything, you’re dead!

Nhlanhla: (Crying) OK I won’t, I promise you!

Brian: Good girl. You’re still fresh hey? Looking beautiful and sexy too… (he gets closer to her, touching her thighs) I’m sure it’s still fresh hey? Shhhhh don’t make any noise! I won’t be too harsh this time, I’ll go so gently. (He starting taking off her clothes and then he rapes her.) Mhhh, you’re still good. Hey, lemme go and do round two with your mom. I hope you enjoyed it. (He leaves.)


Tell us: What should Nhlanhla do now?