Young and fearless

We usually find it easy to speak profoundly of how young and beautiful we are, but is that enough?

To be young is a blessing, who doesn’t want to be young in 2017?

But to be young and fearless is everything. Believing in yourself, trusting you own instincts, walking in your lane, fearing no one. Most of the time you will hear young people talking about how free they are, but the question is do we really want to know how that freedom also comes with lot of responsibilities?

Make-up, skin bleaching, fashion, social media, magazines and newspapers play a very big role in young people’s lives, however if you are not careful enough they might destroy you.

Yes it is okay to put on makeup, but what is the use of putting make-upon if you not comfortable in it? Do you do it because you want to fit in? Or do you do it because you want to look like a certain celebrity on Television or in a magazine? Do you really feel comfortable in those high heels and miniskirts? Or again, do you want to fit in?

Let us be honest! We all want to look beautiful, we all want to leave a statement when we leave a certain place, we want to love and be loved. We want to be appreciated, no one wants to be told that they are ugly. No one wants to be discriminated again based on how they look.

Body shaming is what kills our youth. Let’s face it, you will never be comfortable in your own body or skin as long as you follow what people say. If you were skinny then you would be called all sorts of names, and then if you were fat you would be forced to lose weight.

Young people worry too much about what people say. Those people talk about you because they wish to be you. Don’t satisfy them. Make them wonder how you still smile even after what you have been through. Show them what you are made of. Kill them with kindness. Prove them wrong, believe in yourself. Don’t let them win. Be young and fearless

Why do you think being fearless is important?