A journey from within is all about visiting a place from within, a place that is filled with positive energy, happiness, love and peace. My opinion is that most people on planet earth have problems related to studies, money, material things, housing, clothes etc. Of course you can also add other problems that are not stated here.

If you evaluate all these problems thoroughly, including the other problems in your mind right now, they are mostly problems related to the body. For example, you need money to further your studies, buy food and clothes, be independent and take care of your family or even to start a business. Yes, I agree with you that you can access happiness, love and peace by solving your current problems.

Now here is a basic question, do you think that happiness, love and peace would last or be permanent? From my perspective, I don’t think so since the body has ongoing desires and fears. Therefore as a human being you can’t access pure permanent happiness, love and peace as long as your focus is on bodily problems.

Let’s be realistic, how can one access happiness, love and peace if you focus on your bodily problems? First of all, your body itself is not permanent, nor pure. We all know that one day we are going to die. Then my question arises again, how can one access happiness, love and peace if you focus on your bodily problems?

The solution to this is to let us all shift our focus from the outside-in paradigm to the inside-out paradigm. I know many questions will arise on how to shift our paradigm.

Here is a secret on how to achieve this pure and permanent state, it is effortless. You just have to know what you are not; I’ll give you the most important ones. You are not your body, mind, heart, thoughts or your feelings.


Tell us: Do you agree that you can’t achieve permanent happiness?