Times have changed. I hope you know that this world will never wait for you. The world has gone past times of fighting, we all need love and understanding, every person in every nation across the ocean needs one another. Wherever you are, you need others, because no one knows tomorrow.

Tomorrow is an opportunity to fail or succeed. Indeed, tomorrow is a politician, today it is a victim of decisions and the future of our children. When we die someday there must be no doubt in our hearts that we must be united. We need to be less heartless, greedy, jealous and abusive and show more love, peace, forgiveness, kindness, joy and honesty; serving others, sharing faith and hope, because no one knows what tomorrow might bring.

Now, let us remember where we came from. Let us unite. We can’t do anything alone, we need one another. Don’t forget what we are going through, let us come together as one.
Every day when we wake up we see the blood of innocent children across the street. We hear about rape and murder on the news. What has gotten into you to make you blind to your conscience? Is it about the money? Don’t you think there is something wrong with this? For what we teach our children?
One day the river will overflow and there will be nowhere for us to go and we will run and run wishing we had put out the evil.* But because we are human let us make changes in ourselves and be humble because tomorrow we don’t know what is coming.


Tell us: What do you think will happen next?

*This line is adapted from the song “Fire on the Mountain” by Aṣa.