Once upon a time there was a young dude called Azania. He was so kind and respectful that everyone in the neighbourhood used to send him to shop every day because he was so respectful.

After Matric he studied Management and got a job in a big company. He bought a car and a house for his mom. Everything was so perfect until he met Zinhle, his girlfriend. Zinhle was an unscrupulous girl who was always at the tavern. She introduced Azania to his beer mates and they liked him because he never drank or liked beer, but he bought beers for his girlfriend and her friends.

One day Zinhle stole Azania’s money to go drink and she met a new boyfriend. The new boyfriend was part of a gang in that hood. One day Zinhle decided to show off that Azania was taken by her, unfortunately the gang was there. They overcrowd Azania and they were so violent, beating him until he lost his life.

Today Nobody wants Zinhle. She’s sick and is giving up in life, she regrets everything because Azania was so supportive and loving. She blames herself for Azania’s passing.

She’s now implementing an awareness campaign to all the arrogant ladies; the world is changing because of her. Her last words were: “Ladies, be proud to become mothers of tomorrow, learn from your mistakes and fix them.”


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