Human rights are of significance. They play an integral role in our society. It is because of our human rights that each individual is protected and of being.

South Africa is the diverse nation it is today because of the constitution it stands firmly on that protects human rights. I strongly feel that the right to equality is fundamental. All South Africans are born free and equal in dignity and rights. The importance of equality is to ensure that all people have the same rights as the other person; that no person with any disability, no race, and no sex will be treated differently from any other being.
This right gives an opportunity for all to have life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Looking at our history, democracy is vital. It is important to practice and exercise our rights. As much as people are being westernized, I believe in being liberal, open to adaptability without one having to subject themselves to one way of life.There are marginalized groups within our societies, namely persons with disabilities (physical and mental), people from rural areas, and school leavers. Communities in which marginalized people live have to ensure that such people are represented in formal and informal structures so that their voices can be heard, and that society does not limit their opportunities due to their disability. This brings us to the practice of equality in our society. Today we have policies that promote new opportunities for black people. This is done in the form of the black economic empowerment known as BEE (BBBEE). This policy promotes equality for black people who were previously at a disadvantage, and were in one way or another crippled from achieving their fullest potential in the workplace.

In ancient times, men were always seen as superior and women inferior. Equality brought about a radical change in people’s perception to viewing men in dominant positions. Women were obliged to be submissive to men. This system of superiority has been abolished. We live in a society where women and men are equal in power. Voices can be heard, and we see women in top management in our nonracial society.

Born frees, born and bred in this fine country of ours, are protected under the constitution. A nation that supports equal opportunities for all is nonracial and nonsexist. There is pleasure of one being South African and enjoying the right to freedom and equality. It’s an individual or group that at times receives or is subjected to discrimination or abuse on the grounds of race, colour, language, gender or creed, political or other opinion, or other status.

Therefore, I feel that the right to equality (and practice of) is of significance in completely abolishing any sort of discrimination. With that said, I envision a better South Africa that is fair and just for all citizens that live in it.