Helena was a quiet and serene person. She was so generous and selfless. She loved making people around her laugh, but all of that started to fade away when she met bullies in her class.

It was a pleasant day and a happy day for Helena. It was her first day in a new classroom and a new grade. She woke up early, she was so excited about going to school. Little did she know that things were going to take a rough turn.

“Mom, can I have my lunch box, please?”

Her mother woke up and gave Helena a big lunch box that was filled with succulent chicken and peppery white rice filled with vegetables.

Helena arrived at school and she entered her new classroom.

“I don’t want a front seat,” murmured Helena. She went to the back seats and made herself comfortable.

“Finally, you’re in the same class as me,” said a tall guy.

Helena was so scared. She decided to reply, “Yes.”

Maxwell, a tall bold dark guy who was a well-known bully, tried teasing Helena. “What are you doing at the back seat?”

Helena kept quiet and moved to a front seat.

The teacher came in and recorded the class register. She was gangly, dark skinned and had a lot of imperfections too. She wasn’t confident, she was insecure.

Helena arrived at home.

“Hey Helena, how was your day?”

“It was great, Mom.” She knew that she was lying to her mother but she continued to convince her mother that she had had fun at school.

Helena’s mother believed all the lies. “Wow, that’s great, I’m happy you enjoyed your day. Your food is ready.”

Helena ate and went to her room to sleep.

The next morning, she overslept. She usually set the alarm but this time, she forgot.

“Oh, gosh! I’m late.” She rushed to school and arrived very late. “Sorry ma’am, I’m late,” she said, out of breath.

The whole class laughed at her.

“Sit down!” shouted her teacher.

A few hours later…

It was lunch time. Helena took out her delicious juicy chicken and rice. She sat down alone, she had social anxiety. She saw Maxwell and his crew standing in front of her.

One of the boys asked, “Hey, what do you have there?”

“Food,” she responded.

Maxwell took Helena’s food and took a bite.

“Mmm, this is so delicious,” he said, running away with her lunch box.

Later on, Helena went back to class. Pretty decided to crack jokes and everyone laughed. Maxwell saw Helena laughing.

“Hey, monkey, what’s funny?”

Helena kept quiet.

Maxwell moved closer to her and turned her into a joke. “Look at this gangly clumsy dark-skinned monkey who’s laughing. Her nose is so big. She’s ugly and busy laughing.”

Helena had no one to defend her.


“Hey baby, how was your day today?”
Helena didn’t answer. She decided to wash her uniform as it was Friday. After washing her uniform, she went to her room.

“Helena! Helena!” shouted her mom.

Helena was so moody. She was seething.

“What do you want, Ma?”

“I asked you about your day and you kept quiet.”

Helena didn’t open up. She went to bed and she started to become reserved. Helena’s mom realised that her mood swings were on another level, but she didn’t bother to ask Helena about her anger issues.

Helena decided to buy herself a diary. She would write everything about the bullying. She started to become distant towards her family. She started crying all the time. She cut off ties with her friends from her neighbourhood. She took out her diary and wrote about the physical and emotional bullying she went through.

It was 1 pm, the weather was hot. Helena and her mom got ready to go to the mall. Helena took out her tracksuit and wore it like a boy. Helena used to be so confident but now she was starting to feel insecure about her body. Before they could catch a taxi, Helena’s mother went to her room. She saw a pink book. Helena’s mother took her daughter’s diary to her room.

“Mom, let’s go, we’re running late.”

“OK, my baby, let’s go.”

They got to the mall. They bought the food and everything else. Helena and her mother went home after shopping for groceries and clothes.

Helena had already concluded that her journey ended there. She went to her room and wrote a very sad letter that explained the reason why she was ending her journey. After writing the letter, she took the pills and overdosed. After five minutes, she died.

“Helena, this diary you wrote…Helena!” shouted her mother.

She found Helena lying on the floor with pills in both her hands, white bubbles were coming out from her mouth. She checked Helena’s pulse and she realised that Helena was gone forever.

Helena’s mom saw the letter and read it with tears all over her face. She couldn’t see some of the words because of her teary eyes. The letter said:

“Mom, take care of yourself. I love you with all my heart. I guess you read everything I wrote in that diary. Yes, I was bullied and I started losing interest in life. I couldn’t bear the pain any more but just know I’m resting in peace right now. Thank you for everything.”

Helena’s mother started screaming after reading the letter and some of the neighbours heard her. She started blaming herself for everything but it was too late.

Tell us: What can we do to stop bullying and what can you do if someone is being bullied?