The past tends to have power of crowding the brain like a dark cloud that can’t pass by. It can take control from time to time if you can’t get over it. Making peace with it and facing your future can sure help you get over it and let it pass just like the past is supposed to.

I do believe that we all have a past. It could be a sad past with the worse experiences. It could have even cost you greatly. Some people can’t get over what happened to them, that’s quite normal. I went through the worst experiences, on my own, surrounded by misguided ghosts I thought were with me. Only to find out they were not. I didn’t deserve it but I learned to live with it.

Because of lack of knowledge, I went through the bad experiences. I learned to made wise decisions and they opened my eyes. Now that I’m a young adult, I had to go back to the past and fix things, change my decisions. It was tough at the time but it’s something I had to go through. How about you?

I believe we’re all different, with different pasts. Some people paint happy faces while on the inside they’re dying. It’s not easy to open up to some people but I told you hints about my past.

The past is something you go through; you can’t change it, it’s life. Just like when you’re on earth, you should know why you’re here. In my experience, I learnt to let it go and focus on the future. You can’t mix living in the present and the past at the same time or you’ll go crazy. But it’s a good thing to make peace with one and open up to the other.

The past hurts and some people have painful pasts they can’t get over. It’s really sad, I know it is. Seeking professional help might help you, but I suggest you deal with it yourself as it all starts with you.

Cheer up and focus on the future, let the past go and look forward. Create your own happiness and look for things that would make you lighten up and give life and new beginnings a chance. I wish you all the best.


Tell us: What tools do you use to get over a hurtful past?