The mind is at work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is never a time when a person’s mind is free of thought, be it consciously or subconsciously. The brain in all mankind is what grants man the power to be the ruler of all natural forces that are always at work.

Every person has a prerogative and an ability to shape his or her own life. Throughout history, successful people have always been those who have the ability to take necessary action towards their successful paths.

We all want a good life and most of us even have plans and ideas to better ourselves and the lives we lead. But often times we regret the chances we never took. It is true that not everyone who sees you do well or follow your dreams will approve of you doing so. Others will often try to discourage you from doing what you feel is right for your advancement. Most will even try to tell you about the negative aspects of what you’re trying to accomplish and why you should not do it.

Yes, the possibility of the shortcomings of our dreams and aspirations should always be kept in check. But it would truly be foolish of us if we focus too intensely on what might go wrong instead of what might go right. If we focus on the negatives, our “will power” will be suppressed.

Will power is the ability to take action. We will be stripped off of our audacity to make necessary moves towards our highest pinnacles.

Life comprises of a fifty-fifty chance probability of achieving and not achieving one’s height of success, or at least that’s what I believe. The key lies in taking action and believing in one’s potential of making it through all the odds. After all life, as it is, is honey mixed with gall and it’s up to every one of us to enjoy both the honey and the gall, separately and together.

“We are all given a fair and equal chance in life.” This statement may sound untrue but if one begins to think deeply and rationally about it, one actually begins to fully grasp that it is certainly true. Not all of us are born into riches, with silver spoons in our mouths or from wealthy parents who have the means of setting us up for success later on in our lives. Even those who were born from such parents are not always guaranteed a sure success later on in life, it’s normally quite the opposite in fact.

I remember when I was still in high school, before our daily English lesson our teacher would give us what he called a “thought experiment”. One day he posed a question about what we thought were the chances of someone who is born in a family who has been poor for 3 generations ever being successful in life.

Most of my class mates were agreeing that chances were very slim for a person born in such dreadful conditions. Most of them agreed that it would be three times harder for one to make it in life if one did not even have the necessary means to survive. A very good friend of mine disputed what most of our class mates were saying. He reasoned that, being born in a garage does not necessarily make one a car.

We all took what he said very lightly in our class, thinking that my friend was making a joke as it was always the case with him. This friend of mine was infamous for joking about serious matters. But come to think of it now, I realise that there is a lot to what he had said that day than a mere joke.

The point I’m trying to make is that it does not matter where one is born, every thinking being can make something good out of their lives, if they are willing. For where there is a will surely there is a way.


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