A long time ago, there was a football competition between teeth and beards. When the day of competition came, the teeth and beards players came earlier to the ground. Some teeth supporters and beards supporters also came earlier to watch the challenge from the beginning till the end.

When the competition began, the stadium was packed. After three minutes, a beards player scored a goal, their supporters were extremely happy. The beards team scored a second goal and their supporters ran to the ground while singing and dancing with joy.

When the first half ended, the referee gave them only five minutes to rest. Afterwards the referee called the players using his whistle. When the second half began, the beards team started to play strutting game because they thought they had already won the match and forgot that being on top is not winning.
After 10 minutes, the teeth players scored one goal, the match went on, the teeth team scored a second goal and their supporters rose up with joy and sang some sweet songs that burned the hearts of the beards supporters and players. The beards team became frustrated.

About 10 minutes before the match ended, the teeth scored their third goal and within two minutes, they scored their fourth goal. With four minutes left, the teeth’s supporters left the stands to start to talk shit. When the beards supporters saw that, they become angry and started fighting with the teeth supporters, when the players saw that their supporters were fighting, they also begun to fight.

No one could stop them. At first, the teeth’s team was winning but after two minutes the beards start to throw stones that made the teeth to run away. During that time the teeth were running, the beards followed them.
The teeth ran as fast as they could but the beards were faster. After some distance from the ground, the teeth saw a man sitting under a tree and he was sneezing. The teeth ran faster and entered the mouth of that man and the man was surprised and closed his mouth and the beards came and stayed on the chin.

This is the reason that the teeth are inside the mouth and beards are on the chin because the beard is waiting for the teeth to come out and continue their battle.


Tell us: Which side were you on and why?