My body tells the untold story, my insecurities eliminate the little self-esteem I have, but my self-respect doesn’t allow me to discriminate against myself. In my eyes, I see imperfections all over my body but in other people, all I see is perfection.

I mean being me means I love myself with my own flaws and all, I embrace my thick body every time I look at myself in the mirror, I am also happy when people tell me that I’m beautiful, cute and nice. I mean me wearing anything that I feel comfortable in does matter, you know what doesn’t matter to me?

I won’t spend lot of time trying to put on smaller sized clothes when I know they won’t fit. Trying to convince myself that the small size fits perfectly while I know that I belong to the big sizes, but then in the end my confidence doesn’t allow me to discriminate. My flabby arms, my thick thighs, my big tummy, my saggy boobs, my big curves and butt, my spare meats and my own pimple oily face.

To tell the truth, sometimes it hurts feeling as if you are ugly or worthless, and trying to figure out the problem, only to find out that people’s opinions hurt you more than anything, but your own positivity keeps you going. Nobody can bring you down when you got yourself more than anyone else in the world. Sometimes the rude opinions bring you nothing but pain, your positivity brings you nothing but peace in your life.

At some point you don’t have to consider someone’s feelings but you need to consider yours, you aren’t being selfish, after all your happiness matters. In life, people don’t care if you are at peace as they care only about their own peace. They don’t care about your happiness, be happy and keep your own peace, you are good enough.

No matter how you are, what size are you or what colour are you, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that your body tells the untold story, in the end that is why everyone is unique.


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