The author is one of those talented writers who draws inspiration from anything and any place possible. According to her, she could easily be inspired by something she hears, sees on the TV and even just something in her regular everyday life. In the story, ‘Catfish’ she came with a fresh, unique and clever approach around the theme of cyber dating.

We all know that love is one mysterious but lovely thing that God has blessed us with. We also know that there is no manual for falling in love. Each one of us has their unique way of falling in love. Each one of us finds love in different places. Some find love in churches, stadiums, streets, and anywhere you can possibly think of, while others find it in bizarre places you wouldn’t think of; places like hospitals and even in banks—places of seriousness, where you might think people are not pleased to be at but hey, love is everywhere.

To many, cyber dating is seen as risky activity as there are lot of perverts out here who lurk, preying on vulnerable people, especially women, who just want love. People disguise themselves and even go to lengthy measures like using celebrities’ photos to hook people. This is what the friends of the protagonist of this heart-warming story, Leila, also think about cyber dating. They are sceptical after learning that their ever quiet, introverted friend is dating online with a stranger she hasn’t met like, ever!

This results in them convincing her to research this guy of hers just to be safe, to see if indeed he is genuine, and double check to see if she is not falling in the trap.

Leila has never had a boyfriend. A librarian whose life is deemed as boring has suddenly have found love – but with a mysterious guy who apparently lives in a different time zone.
She tries to hide the fact that she is seeing someone but ends up letting it out to her friends. They don’t trust this Hardy guy from London! They decide to lay a trap for him, but their precious friend ends up caught up in it. Leila is at the brink of losing all, thanks to her protective friends, and she learns the hard way that not everyone should be boxed and stereotyped.

I love how the story sheds some positivity on cyber dating, and perhaps does stir people to give internet dating a chance (but they must be one hundred percent alert and aware of cyber bullies and criminals).

I absolutely love each character from the story. I love how Mphoentle, Dikeledi and Aletta are protective of their dearest friend, Leila, and would actually do anything for her. I think we all deserve to have friends like Leila’s. As much as they have went around this in an extreme way, surely Leila understands that they were looking out for her.

The pace of this story is so gently slow. I got wafted into this cute story six short chapters that I absolutely loved. The author really achieved her goal. I love the irony of how Leila’s friends are the one who catfished Hardy because they are the ones who are hell-bent against the activity of catfishing.

A totally relaxing story worth reading and rereading by the young adults and teenagers. Cellphones can connect us in a big way, they can even connect hearts together! This was warmly illustrated through Kubuitsile’s penmanship. It is absolutely worth a read. You will love and enjoy it! I rate it the whole five stars.