The sound of the last bell brought great sorrow to my soul. For today’s event has brought me back to the core of my heart, where all the pain and misfortune crept away and was covered by a fake painted smile.

My heart raged with sorrow over the course of the second break. My friends’ stories had brought happiness to their hearts; if only they knew the pain it brought to mine. My heart reminded me much of a poem, where all the lines and words would produce a story that some people where to blind to see.

The morning greeting from this stranger came about every morning, but not today, that’s when I knew something was wrong. Why did I fall into this trap that called itself love but ended up to be nothing like it?

I should have known race would always be a problem. I was just too different and alone. Everyone was happy, the smiles were true and hid no secrets. I try to forget the smiles and talks but they refused to leave my destroyed mind and stayed for war. War was so strong that my heart lost without trying.


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