A long, long time ago Sand and Ocean were the best of friends. No one and no thing could ever separate them. They grew up together, played together and protected each other. They shared everything, even secrets. They had no eyes, mouth, ears or human figure, yet they could talk and hear.

Sand would take Ocean to see his family and what was underground. Ocean would also take Sand to see his family and what was underwater. Humans would chill on Sand and swim in Ocean. No human knew that Ocean and Sand could talk or react. They all thought that they were only part of nature. They promised not to tell any human that they were alive, for their safety.

One night a woman came crying. She wept in front of Ocean and her tears fell on Ocean. Ocean tried to ignore her but he couldn’t. Ocean began to glow blue. He revealed himself. The woman was afraid and ran away. Sand revealed himself after the woman went away.

“Why did you reveal yourself? Didn’t you promise not to?” Sand said, in a deep voice.

“She was crying and I couldn’t stare and wait. I am sorry but I couldn’t bear the pain,” Ocean begged for forgiveness.

“It’s alright, but don’t do it again,’’ Sand said.

“Humans come here every day and none of them ever hurts us!” Ocean exclaimed.

“That’s because they don’t know we can talk and all they see is a beach. They always take our friends and family and eat them,” Sand said.

“When one needs help we must help,” Ocean said.

Sand went underground and Ocean went underwater.

The next night the woman appeared again. She cried and her tears fell on Ocean. Ocean glowed blue again. Ocean didn’t want to break his promise. He tried to ignore her over and over again but it was in his heart to help. Finally, he appeared. This time the woman didn’t run away. Sand could hear and see them even though he was underground.

“What’s wrong?” Ocean asked.

The woman became afraid when she saw the Ocean could speak.

“I don’t have any family and no one wants me!” the woman cried.

“That’s not true. Sometimes in life there are challenges you have to face to be successful. Humans love wealth and money but they forget the most important things, which are friendship and love. Never forget those who helped you to get off the ground,” Ocean said.

“Yes, but I have nothing!” the woman cried.

“Don’t give up. What’s your name?” Ocean asked.

“My name is Sky,” she said.

In a wink of an eye they became best friends. Sand wasn’t jealous but he didn’t trust Sky. He felt that there was something off about her. Sky promised Ocean that she would not tell anyone about him. Ocean took care of Sky and made sure she had her basic needs fulfilled. Sand hadn’t seen Ocean since the day they argued.

One night when Sky visited Ocean, Ocean asked her to come see his friends and family. Sky agreed and Sand followed them. Sky was pleased to see his friends and family. Those included fishes, octopus, sharks and many others.

“What can I offer you, Sky?” Ocean asked.

“Food and a drink would be just fine,” Sky said.

At that time, she could breathe underwater just like every human did before.

“Please do not eat anything until I return,” Ocean warned.

Sky agreed and waited. Sand watched them from a distance, where they couldn’t see him. Sky couldn’t help but eat a fish. That fish was just coming to welcome Sky, but because she was greedy, she ate it. That fish was Ocean’s cousin and they admired each other so much. Sand quickly ran to Ocean and told him what had happened. Ocean became furious and Sky drowned but did not die. He banished her and she never returned. Since that day humans were not able to breathe under water or sand.

Ocean made peace so that humans would always come to him but he never became friends with them again. Ocean apologised to Sand for not listening to him and abandoning him. So that’s why humans drown!


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