I have been impatiently awaiting the release of the dreadful prison sentence, more commonly known as Lockdown. But no, we are basically under parole for “good behaviour”.

The terms of the parole are clear: minimal movement only. Sidmore Sports Centre is out of the question. That does not work in favour of my itchy legs at all.

The imposed solitary confinement fumes them with anger and an ever so burning desire to kick a soccer ball. It is a geo-storm disaster in my room. What’s left are just odds and ends.

I still embrace the cracking of dawn and scowl upon the settling of dusk. At least, during daytime, I can faintly hear a buzzing in my ears, memories of shouting across the field, “Bola, pass I’m open!” “Laduuuuuuma!”

My hands now fiddle too, searching through the thicket for plastic. Why? For a makeshift ball of course.

The wait is unbearable! It’s a never ending misery. I can only hope there is a beaming light at the end of this tunnel.


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