If I were to rate how much I hate the person that came up with the idea of bleaching one’s skin, I would rate him the last number on earth. It is not because I’m jealous or envious, I’m too lazy to be jealous of such things.

I always go through the roof when I see people buying skin-lightening products, I just don’t understand what’s wrong with being dark skinned. I wish I had the power to ban lightening cosmetics from being sold. Why waste money trying to change your skin colour? Was the mighty one mad when he created you as that dark-skinned girl? Is being black a crime? The world is fooled by useless things. It jangles my nerves when people say, “You gained complexion! You look stunning! Keep using ‘memezas’!”

Our sisters are as blind as a bat, they keeping using those products as if they don’t know the side effects. Imagine the damage those products do to their skin; those countless pimples they get on their faces when there’s no money to buy those cosmetics. Sometimes we dance with death, sacrificing our beautiful natural skin only to gain complexion.

Natural skin is the best. What’s the use of using ‘memezas’ to change your skin colour then celebrate gaining complexion while deep down in your heart you know that you’re naturally black? You might think I’m green with envy or I’m a green-eyed monster, but it’s best to tell the truth; call a spade a spade to avoid being browned off.

I wish black girls could realise how beautiful they are without ‘products’, how much they glow without ‘products’. Dear Lord, I’m begging You, open their eyes, guide them and stop them from selling the sun just to buy a candle.


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