There are seven billion people around the world. There is only one you. You are unique in many ways to people around you…

Don’t let other people make you feel small or invaluable. By being you, you put something that has never been on this world. These words are very powerful. They push you into being yourself, rather than pretending to be someone and something you’re not.

Before you can accept and love others for who they are, you first have to accept yourself. You need to love and accept yourself. We are not equal when it comes to material things. We are not all equally rich, equally healthy, equally beautiful, or equally famous. When you think you have more, somebody else out there has much more than you have.

They may say that you are weird and different. Yes, you may be different, but not weird: you are you. You are special and unique. You are a different person compared to many others.

However, being you doesn’t mean that you must now isolate yourself from people just because you are unique, special or different… We need each other. Find inspiration from others. Let others inspire you to be better. Inspire others to be better too.

Don’t just say, “Aah people don’t understand me, so ho thusang? (How does it help?)”

No, rather teach them so they can understand. People judge because you are different from the norms of society.

Don’t strive for fame. You don’t have to be a famous leader, such as Mark Luther King Jr or the likes of Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. Just let their lives inspire you to do great things within your community.

Trust me, they’ll forever remember and honour you.


Tell us: Are you comfortable being yourself or do you feel weird?